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Mountain Men on HISTORY
Mountain Men on HISTORY

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Mondays from 16 November at 22:00

As early winter sweeps the continent, pockets of unseasonable and record low temperatures descend on regions from Alaska to North Carolina. For most, these arctic outbreaks mean slower morning commutes and snow days. But for the men who carve their livelihood from the mountains, it means seized engines, frostbitten fingers and a day to day battle that won’t let up until the thaw.

Freedom always comes at a price, and once a man chooses this life, there’s no going back. This winter, the young bloods and old hands alike must earn their wild existence against the worst odds that nature can stack against them. May the best men live.


Sundays from 8 November at 21:00

Earth, air, water and fire are essential elements in life. But what happens when these natural elements turn on humanity? Apocalypse Earth will examine the catastrophic threat natural phenomena can pose to the US and around the world.

Episodes includes Volcanos, Tornadoes & Earthquakes.


Mondays from 23 November at 20:00

Each episode uncovers a single mystery creature. Some have a basis in reality, like the giant fresh water fish that occasionally menace swimmers in the Great Lakes. Others may be the result of terrified imaginations, like India's world-famous Monkey-Man. Still others are grotesque attempts at creation, like the super-soldiers Stalin's scientists tried to engineer by crossing humans with apes. Science and technology come together to gain greater understanding of a mysterious phenomenon -- Bones are analyzed, and key pieces of "proof" are submitted to a battery of tests. Instead of relying on grainy archival footage, we are on-location actively seeking answers.


Continues Tuesdays at 22:00

Former Blink 182 star, Tom DeLonge returns to HISTORY for a brand new series of Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO investigation. Each episode follows a specific case of the modern Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon (UAP) and follows the team of investigators including former military intelligence official and Special Agent In-Charge, Luis Elizondo, and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence and Intelligence, Chris Mellon.

The team continue to divulge what the US government know about these bizarre aircraft, hear additional first-hand eyewitness accounts of UAP sightings from military and civilian personnel, and share insight and information about these aircraft to produce tangible evidence and build the most indisputable case for the existence and threat of UAP ever assembled.



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A+E Networks UK er et programselskab med en portefølje af banebrydende faktuelle underholdningskanaler af høj kvalitet, som i Norden omfatter The HISTORY Channel, The HISTORY Channel HD, HISTORY2 og HISTORY2 HD. Kanalerne sender døgnet rundt, og alle programmer har danske undertekster. Selskabet, som er et joint-venture mellem amerikanske A+E Networks og britiske Sky, har kanaler i næsten 100 lande på tværs af Storbritannien, Skandinavien, Benelux, Øst- og Mellemeuropa, Afrika og Mellemøsten.

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