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New Daily: the commercial vehicle that will ‘Change your business perspective’

The New Daily sets new standards in on-board living and driving experience and makes important strides towards autonomous driving and enhanced safety features.

The New Daily takes connectivity to a new level, unlocking a world of highly personalized services precisely tailored to the customer’s real use of the vehicle to provide a complete transport solution that will change the way they fulfil their transport requirements.

The New Daily is the first vehicle in its segment to comply with Euro 6D/Temp emissions standards, delivering sustainability together with more power and fuel economy, to the benefit of the customers’ profitability.

IVECO have launched the New Daily to the international press in a two-day event held at the CNH Industrial Village in Turin, Italy, which included a plenary conference, digital interactive workshops and test drives of the new vehicle.

This event was also the first meeting with the press for Gerrit Marx, President Commercial and Specialty Vehicles, since he joined IVECO and for the Daily team leaders in their new roles – Raffaele Di Donfrancesco as Head of LCV Global Product Line and Sergio Piperno Beer as Light Line Business Director.

The commercial vehicle industry is experiencing change at an unprecedented rate, driven by megatrends such as digitalization, automation, electrification and servitization. The New Daily addresses these trends, turning them into opportunities for customers. In 40 years of success, the Daily has become a brand, recognised for its uniqueness and as the headliner in its segment.

Today, the New Daily builds on the strengths of this heritage to deliver on performance and sustainability, which come hand in hand with fuel efficiency and low Total Cost of Ownership, benefiting the customers’ profitability. It raises the bar on Connectivity, unlocking a world of new services to provide a complete package closely tailored to the customers’ use of the vehicle and their businesses. It offers a full set of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and enhanced safety features, while providing the best-in-class on-board living comfort and driving experience.

Gerrit Marx, President Commercial and Specialty Vehicles, commented: "We have a clear roadmap for the future, a strategic vision that addresses the key trends driving our industry. IVECO is clearly here to stay, compete and win across all the segments where we operate today – from light to heavy trucks, buses and specialty vehicles. The New Daily perfectly represents our vision: with a revolutionary evolution, it remains true to its heritage, meets today’s higher customer expectations, and is already prepared for future advances through its connectivity. It will change your business perspective."

Technology at the service of the driver with assisted driving and enhanced safety

The New Daily introduces a complete range of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that enable the driver to focus on the job, which requires an increasing degree of multitasking, and improve their safety. In developing these features, IVECO has focused on functionalities specifically aimed at helping drivers in urban missions.

The Advanced Emergency Braking System and City Brake PRO prevents collisions at speeds below 50 km/h, and mitigates the impact at higher speeds. It autonomously detects the potential for a collision ahead and brakes accordingly if the driver doesn’t intervene, ensuring their safety.

The New Daily goes even further with the City Brake PRO, which operates to prevent accidents when driving as slowly as 5 km/h.

The New Daily also uses technology to reduce the driver’s stress levels. In urban missions, where customers often drive in heavy traffic, Queue Assist will make a big difference by following the vehicle ahead in slow-moving queues up to a standstill, eliminating the stress of stop-start traffic.

The New Daily is the first 7.2-tonne vehicle to offer the Queue Assist and City Brake PRO functionalities.

Moreover, Adaptive Cruise Control, in combination with the Queue Assist, maintains the set speed and safety distance from the vehicle ahead, while ProActive Lane Keeping Assist prevents the car from involuntarily drifting out of the lane with an active steering support.

In case of lateral wind gusts, Crosswind Assist helps the driver to maintain the vehicle’s stability in the lane.

The New Daily reduces fatigue and improves productivity with the Electric Parking Brake, which automatically engages when the vehicle is parked and disengages when the driver is ready to drive away. In urban multi-stop missions such as parcel delivery, this feature lessens arm discomfort from repetitive movements and is estimated to save up to 5 hours a month, improving the driver’s productivity. This feature has the added advantage of resulting in more free space for the driver to move across the cab comfortably, as hand brake lever has been eliminated.

The new LED lights have a much sharper beam that carries further, improving visibility and obstacle perception by 15%, further enhancing safety in low-light conditions.

City Mode increases the power steering assistance, reducing the effort to turn the wheel by up to 70%, making it easy to manoeuvre in city streets.

The New Daily also helps the driver in challenging driving conditions with features such as Hill Descent Control, which helps them drive downhill slowly and safely on long, steep slopes, and Traction Plus, which keeps a firm grip on slippery surfaces, such as sand, mud or snow. The New Daily is the first vehicle in its class to offer these two features on Rear Wheel Drive models.

Connectivity maximises uptime and unlocks a world of new services

The New Daily once again breaks new ground in connectivity as part of a broad digital transformation path started in 2016 with the Daily Business UP App, which introduced a smart connectivity option on LCVs for the first time, and was further enriched in the following years thanks to the longstanding collaboration between Microsoft and IVECO. The partnership with Microsoft aims to redefine the world of industrial vehicles through a platform powered by Microsoft Azure cloud, enabling added value services to offer greater efficiency, easier predictive maintenance and overall productivity benefits.

As part of this strategy, the new Daily is now taking connectivity to an entirely new level as the enabler of a whole range of new services. It is more than a vehicle: it is a complete package that closely matches the individual customer’s operation and business requirements.

The New Daily’s connectivity puts the vehicle in direct contact with IVECO’s Control Room, providing real-time data. This enables IVECO specialists to maximise the vehicle’s uptime by conducting proactive diagnostics and taking preventative actions, planning maintenance and service interventions efficiently in order to optimise the number of visits to the workshop, minimising stoppages.

In addition, the innovative Remote Assistance Service makes it possible to carry out dataset changes, diagnostics sessions and even software uploads remotely Over The Air, avoiding stops at the Dealer’s workshop. This results in significant benefits for the vehicle’s uptime and the customer’s business.

The real-time data provided by the Daily also enables IVECO to develop new tailor-made financing offers. These plans take into consideration the fluctuations in the customer’s operations, which may mean the vehicle is used less than originally expected, and adjust payments accordingly. The data also enables IVECO to make accurate forecasts of the vehicle’s use and develop maintenance contracts that closely match the customer’s operation.

The New Daily’s connectivity also offers telematics solutions to help owners-drivers and fleet managers optimise their efficiency. The MyDaily portal, also accessible through the MyDaily app, enables vehicle owners to monitor their Daily from their desktop computer or on the move from their mobile device. They can analyse its performance and fuel consumption, as well as the driver’s driving style. The Daily will also send regular Smart Reports on the vehicle’s key parameters with suggestions on how to improve the driving style to save fuel. Customers can also plan the Daily’s service interventions to push its efficiency to its maximum.

For fleet managers, the New Daily offers IVECO fleet management by Verizon Connect, a solution that will help them reduce fleet expenses through better navigation, fleet visibility, advanced engine diagnostics and near real-time mileage reporting. Its wide-ranging functionalities can help them manage delays, accommodate changing delivery schedules and respond faster to their customers, improve maintenance scheduling and fleet safety, monitor driving hours, and much more. Customers who already have their own fleet management system can receive all the New Daily’s data through its Web API interface, which can seamlessly interact with it.

New Daily delivers top performance and sustainability in every mission

The New Daily is true to the reputation it has gained for its extensive line-up: it is the only vehicle in its segment to offer two engines optimised to deliver the best performance in every mission.

The 2.3-litre F1A engine is now available in both light- and heavy-duty homologation, with rated power ranging from 116 to 156 hp.

The 3.0-litre heavy-duty F1C engine offers three power ratings with increased performance ranging from 160 to 210 hp, as well as a Natural Power compressed natural gas version.

The New Daily once again takes the lead in sustainability as the first vehicle in its segment to comply with Euro 6D/Temp (WLTP & RDE) and Euro VI D emissions standards.

Up to 10% fuel savings in urban missions and up to 10% maintenance cost reduction

The New Daily stands out for its fuel economy, achieved through a host of features, starting from the Start&Stop system, which is now available as standard on all models running the 2.3-litre F1A engine, including the Daily Hi-Matic. The new Electronic-Controlled Variable Geometry Turbine is not only more responsive in transient conditions, but also more efficient. In addition, the exclusive Class A Super Eco Low Rolling tyres specifically designed for the Daily and the new 220A (12V) alternator further contribute to the Daily’s fuel efficiency.

These features, together with the technical improvements introduced in the New Daily, deliver up to 10% fuel savings. The New Daily also offers the new Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, which monitors tyre pressure in real time so that it is always at optimal level, further improving fuel efficiency and safety. It is the only vehicle in its class to offer this feature on both single and twin-wheel models.

The New Daily also achieves significant savings in maintenance costs, which can be up to 10% lower in urban missions as a result of product improvements and longer oil change intervals.

On top of this, the new, bigger oil sump, which was designed for long-distance missions, extends service intervals to 60,000 km.

Best-in-class on-board living conditions and driving experience

The entire steering system has been redesigned, so that the driver can make both axial and angular adjustments to the steering wheel and set up the perfect driving position. The smaller, leather multifunctional steering wheel puts a wide range of controls at their fingertips and leaves more leg room, adding to the overall comfort. The Daily also features a new Electric Power Steering, which is very precise and reactive to the driver’s inputs, damps vibration, and compensates for drift and wheel unbalances, providing a smooth driving experience and a feeling of stability and control.

The new instrument cluster features a TFT high-resolution colour display that provides a very user-friendly, intuitive interface with the all vehicle’s key settings and functionalities.

The New Daily provides the comfortable living conditions and driving experience of a passenger car. The new Hi-Connect infotainment system with voice recognition enables the driver to mirror their mobile device with Apple Car Play and Android Auto™ and use their apps in full safety while driving. It features a 7" screen, DAB radio, rear camera display, and TOM TOM car and truck navigation system, and IVECO’s Driving Style Evaluation system that provides real-time advice.

Functional design delivers comfort, safety and cost benefits

The Daily is instantly recognisable for its design, which has become part of its strong identity. Most importantly, every element of design in the Daily has a clear purpose: from the new lightweight alloy wheels that contribute to optimising the payload, to the LED lights for life that improve safety and reduce costs, as they don’t need changing for the entire lifespan of the vehicle. The new front grille has been extended to increase ventilation while protecting the engine and radiator. It is also extremely tough and durable as a result of the hot stamping process used to produce it.

Design elements also contribute to the New Daily’s low TCO: the new bumper is divided in 3 sections, so that in a small accident, which tend to be more frequent in urban missions, only the damaged piece needs to be replaced instead of the whole bumper. This results in significantly lower repair costs – especially since this is the case 90% of the times according to IVECO’s statistics.

New Daily: "Change your business perspective" campaign

The Daily has built a strong reputation for innovation, strength and great customer satisfaction in its 40 years of success. With this latest arrival, once again it raises the bar and leads the way into the new world of services to provide a complete, tailor-made solution that precisely matches the customer’s use of the vehicle and their business – changing the way they approach the purchase: not just a vehicle, but a complete package.

The New Daily will also change the everyday life of the driver with all the stress-busting, safety-boosting technologies, and the best-in-class on board living and driving experience, giving them a new perspective on their work. This is how the New Daily

promises to ‘Change your business perspective’, as expressed in the advertising campaign that features the vehicle shown from unusual points of view.

World Class Manufacturing and Engineering to the highest standards

The New Daily is manufactured at IVECO’s production plants in Suzzara, Italy, and Valladolid, Spain, which are entirely dedicated to this product family. The two facilities apply the World Class Manufacturing (WCM) methodology to the highest levels: Valladolid was awarded the Gold Medal on April 3, 2019, in recognition of the best standards in manufacturing for the integrated management of plants and processes, while Suzzara is has been one of the first plants in CNH Industrial to achieve Silver Medal certification in 2012.

World Class Manufacturing aims to create error-free processes in order to achieve zero defects, zero waste and zero accidents. It is a continuous improvement process that centres on the involvement of every operator involved in production.

This approach has also been extended to the Daily’s Product Development and Engineering processes by introducing the World Class Engineering methodology, which starts from the customer’s requirements to develop the best product that matches them.

The New Daily project has been the focus of the plant’s Engineering and Manufacturing teams for the past 3 years, and has entailed more than 900,000 engineering hours, 800 virtual and physical tests, 200 prototypes, and more than 3.5 million of kilometres of durability and reliability testing. The project aimed to achieve a further step in quality product behaviour and process efficiencies. A key area of focus for the project was the reduction of product and process complexity while expanding further the extensive product line-up and the key features of the Daily.



IVECO er et selskab i CNH Industrial N.V. koncernen, en global leder inden for kapitalgodesektoren noteret på New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: CNHI) og på den italienske børs’ Mercato Telematico Azionario (MI: CNHI). IVECO udvikler, fremstiller og markedsfører et bredt spekter af lette, mellemtunge og tunge erhvervskøretøjer og entreprenørkøretøjer.

Det store produktudbud omfatter Daily, der går fra 3 til 7,2 tons totalvægt, Eurocargo fra 6 til 19 tons, Trakker (specielt til offroad anvendelser) og Stralis på over 16 tons. Desuden producerer koncernen, under navnet IVECO Astra, entreprenørkøretøjer, stive og leddelte dumpere samt specialkøretøjer.

IVECO har over 21.000 ansatte og producerer køretøjer med brug af de nyeste teknologier i 7 lande over hele verden, i Europa, Asien, Afrika, Oceanien og Latinamerika. 4.200 salgssteder og serviceværksteder i over 160 lande garanterer teknisk support overalt, hvor der er en Iveco-lastbil på arbejde.


Jan-Åke Carlsson (Responsible for PR)

Jan-Åke Carlsson (Responsible for PR)

Pressekontakt PR & Communication Manager IVECO North Europe & Baltics +46 70 263 09 50
Lise Marie McLoughlin Nielsen (Manager PR, Marketing and Communication)

Lise Marie McLoughlin Nielsen (Manager PR, Marketing and Communication)

Pressekontakt Marketing & Communication Manager PR & Kommunikation, Marketing 20627498
Marie Rømer (responsible for fairs and events)

Marie Rømer (responsible for fairs and events)

Pressekontakt Event & Marketing Specialist Fairs and events 20818477

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