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Introduction of High Tech Flexible Connector Components – Improving Hygiene + saving production costs + improving effiency --- A true option in processing materials in food, pharmaceutical and other industries ?

When Joergen Poulsen and Brian Vickmann from JP AirTech in Denmark were meeting with some very friendly New Zealanders of BFM®fitting in 2008 they both would not know that this was the start for a business success story.

The BFM®fitting was a product they identified immediately as an innovation which would be a revolution for the processing industry.

Even in the most advanced processing plants flexible connections had been neglected in the past.

It was considered to be normal that material would flow out of flexible connectors, which were installed commonly with hose clips. The use of hose material was very often improvised.

Product buildup going along with hygiene problems were as normal as the necessity of labor intensive cleaning in a lot of production areas.

Cleaning costs were considered to be “normal” and loosened connectors which would spread vast amounts of materials (powder, liquid and others) were “unavoidable” accidents due to the nature of a flexible connection between a static component (Silo etc.) and some moving component (Weighing machine, sifter etc.)

Lay down time of machines, entire plants or factories due to the maintenance of labor intensive “screw on and off” flexible connectors were also accepted.

The reduction and loss of efficiency was calculated into production costs.

The BFM®fitting is capable of changing – not to say revolutionizing all that.

Its patented seal within a molded stainless steel adaptor (spigot) is stunning for every technician and engineer in the industries for food, pharmacy, chemicals and a lot of other industries. The BFM®spigot is available in mild steel, 304SS and 316L SS meeting every criterion for up to date requirements.

Instead of being screwed on (labor intensive) from the outside – it is “snapped in” manually within seconds from the inside. Conclusively it saves a lot of labor costs and downtime at maintenance and cleaning procedures which are a routine in most plants and factories handling food and pharmaceutical materials.

As much as this is a new principle ---- it definitely works perfect and satisfying for major global players around the world. Nestle has decided in a program to use the product throughout their worldwide spread production facilities. Major Salt and Sugar Producers are using the product as well as some global players in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. A lot of tests are always and currently running parallel to installations in various countries and industries.

There is some more to know:

When pressure is applied in certain applications it fits even tighter. Regardless of this logical effect it is 100% sealed and dust proof the very second it has snapped in. On top of that BFM®fitting can be applied up to a certain level of vacuum.

The connector’s variety of materials are selected to provide coverage for most needs in the industries it is applied. Approved Test Reports, Certificates (FDA, EC1935,3A USDA, ATEX etc.) can be provided to BFM® customers if this is required.

Explosion tests have been conducted and documented for powder applications in all industries handling powder-like materials. IBExU certification has been granted for all applications where dust may be part of the processing.

This flexibility in usage has made the BFM®fitting a successfully installed component in factories producing milkpowder, baby food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals. But it is also applied in processing hot chocolate (liquid) and making wood pellets.

The list could be added on with many more items.

As soon as companies evaluate the costs they have in today’s production like:

True Cleaning Costs (Outside Processing Plant and Equipment)

Cost of exchange of connectors in plant cleaning procedures

Maintenance Downtime Costs of Plant and/or factories

Product Waste Costs

And are balancing it against the investment costs and the efficiency improvement after installment of BFM®fitting there is one conclusion:

“BFM®fittings are paying themselves”.

Finally: There has been no mentioning until now of the improvements on the Environment and Health and Safety.

There is no doubt that avoiding dust and material spills is a significant reduction in pollution in plants and factories. Not to talk about the reduction of waste material.

Needless to say that this is a desirable contribution for our environment.There should also be no doubt that it is a constructive improvement for the most valuable resource a company has: Its people.

To have working conditions improved in processing plants has always been a top priority of its inventor Blair McPheat who has been working in his younger years in many processing plants in his home country New Zealand.

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