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The same ethical standards apply across the entire DSV Group

With operations all over the world, it is imperative that all DSV employees and suppliers share the same ethical standards and follow the same responsible business practices.

DSV’s standards are set out in the DSV Code of Conduct. It is based on the DSV values and applies to all employees, management and the Board of Directors.

The Code guides ethical behavior across DSV and serves as a tool to help all employees understand DSV’s policies and to support the company’s visions, strategy and corporate values.For example, a cornerstone in the DSV Code of Conduct is our firm anti-corruption commitment:

“The prohibition of bribery applies without exception, including in countries where bribery is legal or where it is accepted as a normal business practice.”

Likewise, every aspect of DSV’s operations must be in full compliance with international human and labor rights:

“You must recognize and support equal human rights and adopt a stance against discrimination, differential treatment, harassment, inappropriate or unreasonable interference with work performance.”

Updated to help employees navigate in a fast-moving world

The DSV Code of Conduct covers areas such as anti-corruption, competition, processing information, conflicts of interest, working conditions, and environmental impact. These areas all serve to help the employees navigate in a modern world where they encounter many new situations and dilemmas.

Jesper Petersen, Senior Director for Financial Compliance and CSR in DSV says:

“We live in a world where most everything moves at a high pace, where decisions have to be made fast, and where we are constantly introduced to for example new technology. DSV’s ethical standards have not changed, but we have worked hard to make it clear how employees are expected to act in situations they are likely to encounter in their work.”

The new Code of Conduct updates are e.g:

  • DSV’s firm stand against money laundering and terrorism financing.
  • Data privacy (GDPR), and how employees should handle personal data.
  • Updates and additions to the section on conflicts of interest.

All DSV employees will receive training

DSV is also introducing company-wide Code of Conduct training. All employees will either receive local awareness training or complete mandatory Code of Conduct e-learning.

Suppliers must live up to DSV ethics

In DSV, we expect every supplier to share and live up to the same ethical standards that we hold ourselves to. Along with the new Code of Conduct, we are also launching an updated Supplier Code of Conduct, clearly outlining our expectations.

Click here to read the DSV Code of Conduct

Click here to read DSV’s Supplier Code of Conduct 

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