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Tomasz Doweyko, Marketing Director for BioPak.
Tomasz Doweyko, Marketing Director for BioPak.

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There is never room for food loss and waste

Today is the United Nations International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste #FLWday. This day is to promote, use and scale-up innovation and technologies to tackle the problem of food loss and waste.

We asked Tomasz Doweyko, Marketing Director for our BioPak brand for his 3 best tips to prevent food loss and waste:

Store food correctly
Storing food in sealed, airtight containers is a super easy and smart way to prolong the shelf-life of any product. Our Duniform concept does this perfectly.

Understand labels
Most food that has just passed its expiration date is still safe to eat. With our customizable solutions, we help our customers communicate this clearly on their packaging, making sure good food doesn’t get wasted.

Compost scraps
Scraps from meal preparation, e.g. stems, peels, and other waste food make a great addition to compost heaps, turning them into nutrient-rich fertilizer. Don’t let them go to waste.



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