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Duni Group invests in Spanish re-use company Bûmerang

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Duni Group invests in Spanish re-use company Bûmerang

As part of our aim to become a trusted sustainability leader in our industry and drive development for increased circularity, we advance our investments in the re-use market by a collaboration with Bûmerang Takeaway, S.L. We are dedicated to offer the most sustainable alternatives for any customer occasion and believe in a combination of single-use, re-use, and other upcoming innovative solutions to support the transformation to a more circular society.

Bûmerang is a start-up founded in 2019 in Barcelona offering the first returnable packaging system to the catering market in Spain. The company was born out of inspiration from the founder’s grandparents’ concept of re-use. By using technology and a digital platform, Bûmerang sets out to combat the issues of waste with a return system for take-away containers.

Duni Group acquires 22 % of the shares in Bûmerang Takeaway, S.L and thereby becomes a minority owner with a non-controlling interest. Through an active partnership and collaboration, the Group aims to support Bûmerang on their continued growth journey on the Iberian Peninsula.

The collaboration with Bûmerang in Spain will complement the recent investment in German Relevo GmbH announced earlier this year. Different occasions will require either single-use, re-use or a combination of both, which is why a complementary offer in more European countries is key to meet future customer and market needs. Local infrastructure for waste management varies considerably which is why both a single-use and re-use alternative is important to secure a fully circular business model in the future.

“We are excited to start collaborating with Bûmerang as becoming fully circular is a top priority for Duni Group. The partnership expands our investments in re-use in Europe from Germany to include the Iberian Peninsula now also”, says Robert Dackeskog, President and CEO, Duni Group.

“At Bûmerang we have a very clear vision where returnable and reusable packaging will be part of our daily lives. Our roots are based in the concepts of the circular economy, where diversity is a key element, that’s why we believe this partnership with Duni Group, a leader in the HoReCa sector, will be a key component to establish and expand the reusable packaging landscape in the Iberian Peninsula” -Oriol Segarra Pol, CEO & Founder.




Magnus Carlsson

Magnus Carlsson


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