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Environmentally sound choices for every Goodfoodmood® occasion

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Environmentally sound choices for every Goodfoodmood® occasion

Sales of food packaging for take-away continue to experience steady growth. This trend was strengthened by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. At the same time, pressure is increasing to replace plastic with fiber-based alternatives.

Today, environmentally sound single-use products and food packaging are a given for the take-away market. In light of the EU directive entering into full force in 2021, the phase-out of single-use plastic products is now increasing rapidly in Europe. This poses major challenges for the supply chain. Plastic has product benefits that cannot be replaced with a single fiber-based alternative.

Fredrik Sverkersten, Marketing Director, says: “Until now, pretty much the same sustainable solution has been used for various challenges or restaurant types. To effectively replace plastic, fiber-based packaging must be customized to a greater degree than it is now. For example, there are different requirements for cold or hot food, fatty food or liquids. Barrier solutions that can withstand liquid or fat are especially interesting.”

The launch of BioPak in Europe
Our goal is to provide environmentally sound products for every Goodfoodmood® occasion. As a result, Fredrik underlines that the Group must take a broader approach in its own research and development as well as when searching for the right partner.

In 2018, the Group acquired Australian company BioPak, which is a hands-down market leader for environmentally sound food packaging in Australia and New Zealand. In 2020, we began to launch the BioPak brand in Europe, which will significantly strengthen our environmentally sound product range in this market. Via the Duni brand, the Group is already the European market leader in products for the set table.

Underlying trend leaving its mark
“Take-away has been a growing trend for several years, and the Group has a strong position in sustainable packaging, says Fredrik. “This type of food sales has accelerated during COVID-19, which has created substantial and exciting opportunities that we intend to make the most of. For example, traditional restaurants have gained a new source of income, and they will probably continue to offer take-away once the pandemic is over.

"Although a significant increase in focus on hygiene was seen during the initial emergency phase of the pandemic”, he believes that sustainability will continue to be enormously important.



Katja Margell

Katja Margell

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