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Swedish innovation, a success in a declining market!

Building decreases all over Sweden and manufacturers of building
materials lose sales. ESSVE, a Swedish specialist in the area of attachments,
defies the trend. Sales are up thanks to their innovation: ESSBOX System.

”Our sales index for ESSVE’s articles has reached 170! We literally pump
out screws and attachments since the launch. I have never seen anything like
Those are the words of Stefan Forsberg, the Marketing Manager at Hedins, a chain
of building supply stores. Sales numbers indicate that others also share
Stefan’s experience of the “success in a box”. 
– ESSVE is through the first phase of the launch. In all of the countries
where we have initiated sales, the results have been extraordinary. Our sales
index in Sweden for screws and attachments has risen significantly since last
year. Looking at the ESSBOX articles, the sales index is even higher. And this
is on a market that is pretty stagnant”, says ESSVE’s Managing Director Pontus

What brands the craftsmen chose has traditionally been the result of old
habits or what’s available on the shelf in the local building supply store. It
has been difficult for the manufacturers to break that pattern. ESSVE changed
perspectives with the ESSBOX System and made the craftsmen’s needs their
starting off point. After thorough market research, ESSVE knew that 3 out of 4
craftsmen had a hard time keeping their attachments in order. 9 out of 10 found
board boxes that break to be a problem for them. Listen to this: In total, the
waste related to broken boxes and general disarray amounts to more than SEK 100
million each year in Sweden alone.

ESSBOX System, a complete system for transport and storage of all
attachments, addressed the craftsmen’s needs. It all starts with the custom
designed case that the craftsmen stock with the right boxes before each job.
Now the boxes are made of a see-through plastic and are quickly fastened into
the case due to the unique octagonal pattern. Market demand for the system was
high, and it surprisingly quickly became a success. 
– Our primary goal was to deliver 50 000 cases in 18 months, a goal that we reached after just 9 months!” says Magnus Nilsson, Development Manager for ESSBOX at ESSVE.

The tactical advantage with the ESSBOX System is that only ESSVE’s own
boxes fit the case. In other words, it builds loyalty with both the brand as
well as with the stores that market the brand. Early in the process, ESSVE
grasped the importance of patenting and to protect the design that has taken
years to develop. Clearly the success has been positive for the brand, and the
success has already lead to that the company, as one of just a few Swedish
brands, has established contact with international chains of building supply

For further information please contact: Mattias
Sebell, Marketing Manager ESSVE+46 (0)70 623 28 78,


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ESSVE was established in 1970 and is the market leader in the Nordic region in the area of attachment solutions for the builders- and automotive industries. The products range from tiny screws to powerful fasteners for dam construction. ESSVE also offers reliable tools for wood- and metal work to the builders industry and the branch of industry. ESSVE has 225 employees in nine different countries. ESSVE’s head office is located in Sollentuna, which is a suburb of Stockholm, Sweden, and the central warehouse is located in Ulricehamn, Sweden. Since 2004, ESSVE is a part of the B&B TOOLS-Group.

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