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The world’s best wood screw will be launched at the International Hardware Fair in Cologne

Advancing the frontier in wood screws, ESSVE has created a brand new wood screw ESSDRIVE, which saves the professional users shoulders by reducing the compressive force needed with more than 50%. ESSVE has made a comprehensive technical modification of both the design and function. The result is a completely new type of wood screw which drives itself directly into the wood.

“ESSDRIVE represents a completely new type of wood screw - from the tip and thread to the shank and head. ESSDRIVE is the ergonomic choice for the craftsman, it bites directly, does not cause splitting, has a high clamping force and gives the work a nice finish. Essdrive is a game changer!” says Max Lagerstedt, CEO of ESSVE.

Compared to standard wood screws, ESSDRIVE reduces the compressive force needed by more than 50%, meaning roughly a two kilo lower load per screw for the craftsman. Thanks to the design of the tip and thread, maximum starting power is achieved at minimal pressure, which makes the screw feel extremely fast-starting. The benefits are especially noticeable in uncomfortable working positions where it is more difficult to put pressure on the screwdriver.

ESSDRIVE is the result of four years of research and development that began in 2014. Some of Sweden’s leading engineers and developers from Chalmers University of Technology have been involved in the work. With the help of extensive testing with craftsmen and millions of measurements, ESSVE has created two patented innovations, that form the basis of ESSDRIVE.

“Through a specially designed measurement robot developed especially for this study we have tested thousands of different screws and have made 1.6 million measurements. Today, we probably have more raw data about how wood screws work, than any other company. By means of our tests we now know exactly why a specific screw design is better than another,” Christofer Lindberg, Innovations and product manager.

Now ESSVE is looking to make the Nordic success a global success story. The international launch takes place at the International Hardware fair in Cologne in March 2018 where ESSVE will launch a revolutionary and innovative product which the company refers to as “the world’s best wooden screw”. ESSDRIVE is one of the nominees for the EISEN 2018 at the Cologne Hardware fair. You will find ESSVE in hall 5.2 stand B030-C031, where visitors also will be able to try the new screw and feel the difference.

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