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Eurofound launches new online survey on living and working in the European Union

Eurofound has launched a new online survey to chart evolving perceptions of life and work in Europe. The survey looks primarily at the situation of people living in the EU, but is open to everyone aged 16 years or older, regardless of where they live. The Living and working in the EU e-survey is the latest iteration of a bespoke survey originally launched during COVID-19 to monitor the impacts of the pandemic and policy responses - but has since expanded in remit to document developments in life and work at a time of rapid change.

In total, 140,000 people across Europe have taken part in this series of surveys. The latest survey has a particular focus on the cost of living, levels of social support, access to public services such as healthcare, and mental health. The survey takes around 12 minutes to complete, is anonymous, and the data collected will be used for research purposes only. All data will be stored securely. The survey is available in 25 languages.

Previous rounds of the survey acted as a litmus test of public opinion during important times for Europe, showing a rising risk of depression following the pandemic, and growing difficulties making ends meet. This new survey round comes during a year of huge potential political change, as elections take place throughout the democratic world, with 49% of people on the planet set to see a national election in their country. This is in addition to EU and regional elections.

Speaking on the launch of the survey, Eurofound Executive Director Ivailo Kalfin emphasised its importance in providing a detailed snapshot of public sentiment, ‘This survey series has gradually developed over time to present a comprehensive overview of perceptions on life and work in the EU. Particularly in this pivotal election year, it will give valuable insights on the challenges that citizens face, and the opportunities for progress and improvement. I encourage everyone to participate.’

The full survey is open and available here, it will be advertised on Facebook and LinkedIn - among other platforms – throughout April.

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