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Lucardi sells more jewelry with UGC on product pages

Jewelry retailer Lucardi increased their online sales significantly by involving their customers. An A/B test showed an over 10 percent increase in transactions when users saw and clicked on Flowbox content on the website.


With a variety of fashionable products like rings, necklaces and bracelets and a lot of great photos in social media, Dutch jewelry retailer Lucardi found an effective method to increase the number of transactions.

The marketing team at Lucardi saw that the conversion rate could be improved and wanted to find a way to inspire new and returning customers to purchase items.

“We’re constantly looking for new opportunities to grow our business and reach new customers. We do this, for example, by using Google Adwords and display advertising campaigns. Those drive traffic and visitors to our site, but it’s still a challenge to win their trust to buy with us if they’re a new customer,” says Elles van Leeuwen, Online Marketing Coordinator at Lucardi.

Lucardi hadn’t previously thought about utilizing user generated content (UGC) to increase sales and didn’t have the right tools to effectively manage and collect customer photos from social media.


The marketing team at Lucardi wanted measurable results and wanted to know if the solution was a good fit for their objectives and their target group. After learning how simple and easy it was to implement Flowbox on the website, Lucardi decided to test it.

To evaluate if it would be worth the long-term investment, an A/B-test was performed. The solution was tested on desktop only.

“More than half of our sales are done via mobile devices, so if you take that into consideration, the results we saw from the A/B test, were even better relatively speaking ,” says Elles van Leeuwen.


After A/B-testing during 3 months, Lucardi saw a big increase in both interactions and placed transactions. The conversion rate also improved further when the elements were positioned higher up on the product pages.

“We now have UGC flows on every product page and some of the category pages. The implementation of Flowbox on the product pages in particular has been very successful and has driven the most conversions.”

The quality of the images submitted has improved gradually as well. Customers are encouraged to use the hashtag #lucardilife and a selection of the images submitted are displayed on the website.

“When people see customers proudly wearing our products on their own social media, this creates ‘social proof’, so that they themselves also want to wear those products and therefore proceed to buy.” says Elles van Leeuwen.

The results in numbers

2.16% more products added to the shopping cart with Flowbox displayed on the product page.

72.73% more clicks on the flows with Flowbox displayed compared to clicks on other pieces of content on the product page.

10.2% more transactions when Flowbox is displayed and visitors click on the flow in the shopping process.

7.7% more transactions when Flowbox is displayed and visitors don’t interact with the images but are just exposed to them.

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Helena Nordh Myhrman, Head of Content, Flowbox


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