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​Green Cargo is delivering sheet piling to the West Link project, removing 370 truckloads from the roads

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​Green Cargo is delivering sheet piling to the West Link project, removing 370 truckloads from the roads

The Swedish Transport Administration is building the West Link to create a railway for commuter and regional trains in a tunnel under central Gothenburg. The West Link will connect railway lines north and south of Gothenburg thereby enabling traffic to pass through the city. Green Cargo is transporting around 8,600 tonnes of sheet piling to the tunnel site, removing almost 370 truckloads from roads to and within central Gothenburg.

Work on the West Link is proceeding in stages. For the Centralen stage, Green Cargo is delivering sheet piling directly to the work site by railway. A total of 8,600 tonnes of sheet piling from Luxembourg will be used in the project. The rail-freight services delivering most of the sheet piling to the site correspond to almost 370 truckloads to and within central Gothenburg.

“Thanks to climate-smart rail freight, we’re not only reducing CO2 emissions and traffic, but also making roads safer and more secure. To be climate-smart for the environment and for the best access to the project, we chose the railway as our transportation alternative,” says Oscar Winter, Purchasing Manager at Hercules Grundläggning AB, a part of NCC, which is the general contractor for the project.

“We’re pleased that Hercules Grundläggning, which usually uses trucks, has chosen Green Cargo and our partners in its first rail collaboration,” says Nicole Denuit, Sales Executive at Green Cargo.

Hercules has purchased steel sheet piling from ArcelorMittal, one of the world’s largest steel producers, for the West Link project. It is being delivered via a track that the Swedish Transport Administration left open after Gamla Norra was closed so that construction materials could be delivered by rail instead of by truck.

“Our partner in Malmö, DB Schenker Multimodal Solutions, delivers the steel to Sweden from France, Luxembourg and Germany. In Sweden, Green Cargo takes over for onward transportation to Gothenburg and the site. This is all happening with great precision thanks to our talented staff, who have also done a fantastic job planning the operational part of the project with our partners and the Swedish Transport Administration, including transportation between Sävenäs, Gothenburg Central Station and old Gothenburg Norra,” says Nicole Denuit, Sales Executive at Green Cargo.



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