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From left: Director of Rail Freight at Bane NOR, Oskar Stenstrøm & Bengt Fors, Managing Director Green Cargo Norge.
From left: Director of Rail Freight at Bane NOR, Oskar Stenstrøm & Bengt Fors, Managing Director Green Cargo Norge.

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Green Cargo is first in the Nordics to put Eurodual locomotives into service

This week marks a new era for freight traffic in Norway. Green Cargo will deploy the first two next-generation freight locomotives in Norway. The new Eurodual locomotives are more robust, better adapted to the harsh Norwegian landscape and will reduce delays across the railway network. The new locomotive means that a freight train can transport the equivalent of 30 trucks. Norway is the first country in the Nordics to use this new locomotive.

Managing Director of Green Cargo Norway Bengt Fors proudly presented this news at the Alnabru freight terminal.
“Our new locomotives have a six-axle configuration compared to four axles on our current locomotives, which provide better rail traction. The locomotive also has a significantly stronger engine, making the new locomotive more suitable for the Norwegian railway network that features numerous steep inclines,” says Bengt Fors.

Green Cargo is one of the first players to use the new generation of locomotives in Europe. The locomotive at Alnabru is the first in the Nordic region.

Better suited to Norwegian conditions

The new Eurodual locomotives have both an electric and a diesel-electric drive.
“Two different engines mean that the locomotive can be used on all railways lines regardless of whether they are electrified. It is possible to change between the two engines while the train is in motion. This reduces the risk of becoming stuck and thus helps improve train punctuality,” explains Bengt Fors. The new locomotive can pull a train of up to 30 freight wagons, compared to 20 freight wagons managed by yesterday’s locomotives.

“The Eurodual locomotive can pull the train by itself whereas two four-axle locomotives were needed for pulling one freight train. The new locomotive reduces operating costs and offers capacity for more freight wagons,” says Bengt Fors, Managing Director of Green Cargo Norway.

Immediate impact on freight traffic
Director of Rail Freight at Bane NOR, Oskar Stenstrøm, is positive to Green Cargo’s deployment of two modern, specially constructed locomotives.

“As an infrastructure manager, we have a very positive view of a key freight operator investing in new, ultra-modern locomotives. This will have an immediate impact on both the capacity and efficiency of freight traffic. This will help strengthen the competitive advantage of rail freight,” says Oskar Stenstrøm. Greater capacity on the railway network will also reduce congestion from heavy transport vehicles and trucks on Norwegian roads.

Increasing rail capacity
The new locomotive will increase freight transport capacity in a busy railway network without overloading the network.

“With the exception of short sidetracks that limit the length of trains, restrictions apply on different stretches to the number of freight trains and which locomotives can be connected. It is important to find solutions that will enable longer trains — through extending track cross-overs and through other methods. This type of locomotive reduces the risk of becoming stuck and thus helps improve train punctuality,” explains Director of Rail Freight at Bane NOR, Oskar Stenstrøm.

Facts about the Eurodual locomotive

  • Eurodual is the latest generation, six-axle locomotive specially designed for freight transport by Swiss company Stadler.
  • Eurodual has both an electric and a diesel-electric drive. The main motor is a 7 MW electric motor. The diesel engine drives a generator that produces power for the electric motor when the locomotive is negotiating a non-electrified section of the railway line or has no operating current.
  • Eurodual will replace the four-axle Traxx locomotives that have an output of 5.6 MW and are used for freight and passenger transport.
  • Green Cargo currently has 12 daily return departures in Norway on the Oslo–Bergen, Oslo–Trondheim and Oslo–Stavanger routes.
  • The new locomotive will be immediately deployed on the Bergen Line and in due course will be deployed on all railway lines operated by Green Cargo.




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