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Green Cargo – the largest rail freight operator in Sweden is celebrating 20 years

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Green Cargo – the largest rail freight operator in Sweden is celebrating 20 years

Our company, Green Cargo, was founded two decades ago with the objective of strengthening Sweden’s competitiveness as an attractive rail freight operator, and this is something that we are celebrating this year! We currently have 1,800 employees who, in their professional roles, can contribute to this development, and we are continuing the creation of a sustainable and well-functioning freight transportation system.

We are turning back the clock and revisiting what once was. The state-owned Statens Järnvägar (the Swedish State Railways), dating back to the mid-1800s, underwent a dramatic change on January 1, 2001. The entire commercial railway market was split into various corporations, and seven companies were formed:

  • Green Cargo AB (rail freight)
  • SJ AB (passenger transport)
  • Euromaint AB (fleet maintenance)
  • Train Tech Engineering (railway technology)
  • Unigrid AB (IT)
  • Jernhusen AB (property)
  • Trafficare AB (terminal services)

When Green Cargo was founded in 2001, the choice of name was very deliberate. Right from the beginning, sustainability was a natural part of our operations. We take societal, environmental and financial responsibility. When we talk of sustainable logistics, we don’t just consider the climatic element, but also the traffic safety, punctuality and cost-efficiency of our shipments.

We are rooted in the origins of Swedish rail traffic and are the most experienced operator in rail logistics. Round the clock, we transport raw materials from forests and mines to the process industries, and consumer goods to the retail sector using 400 freight trains, which replaces the use of 8,800 trucks.

We are now looking forward to continuing to be an important partner for our customers and an attractive employer with a focus on sustainability. We will continue to drive issues on central infrastructure investments for sustainable freight transportation and strengthen competitiveness for trade and industry for the next 20 years just as we have for the 20 behind us.

During the year, we will be highlighting our anniversary. Keep your eyes and ears open and follow us on our channels. Come and join us on our continued journey now – All aboard!

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Press office

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Stephan Ray

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Sustainable Logistics

Green Cargo is a sustainable logistics partner and a crucial part of Scandinavia's trade and industry. Almost 98 percent of our transports takes place using electric trains with a very low climate impact. Every 24 hours, some 400 freight trains depart, replacing around 9,000 truckloads on the road network. We serve close to 300 locations in Sweden, Norway and Denmark through our network, and with our partners we reach all of Europe. Green Cargo is owned by the Swedish State. We transport 20 million tonnes of freight, have 1,800 employees and annual sales of about SEK 4,2 billion (2023).