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The family of Lars Larsen expresses gratitude for the support

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The family of Lars Larsen expresses gratitude for the support

The closest family to Lars Larsen expresses their gratitude for the support they have experienced in connection with Lars Larsen´s passing. They have also decided to double the amount, which has been collected to support Danish Cancer Society.

On August 19, Denmark lost it´s most famous tradesman, when Lars Larsen passed away quietly in his home.

The news of his passing as well as the following funeral service attracted a lot of media attention in Denmark as well as greetings from a great number of people through social media, letters and comments related to media coverage of Lars Larsen´s life.

Furthermore a great number of people have contributed to the collection to support Danish Cancer Society, which Lars Larsen´s family have set up.

The support means a lot to the family.

“It has been very touching to experience the many positive comments, and to really become aware of how big an inspiration my father was to many people. On behalf of myself, my mother, sister and our children, I would like to express my gratitude for the greetings, flowers and support which we have received. This goes for family, friends, business partners, and all of those that have supported us or paid their respect, even though they did not personally know my father,” says Chairman of Lars Larsen Group, Jacob Brunsborg.

Respectful coverage
He also sends his regards to the Danish media, as they have taken a lot of consideration towards the family in connection with the coverage of Lars Larsen´s passing.

“There has been a lot of media attention regarding my father´s passing, and his significance to the Danish Business Community. Especially during the funeral service, where a lot of media was present. However they all respected our need for privacy and for dealing with our grief as a family and not having to answer any questions that day. That is highly appreciated,” says Jacob Brunsborg.

Doubling the amount
He also appreciates the support for the family´s collection to support Danish Cancer Society, where more than 550.000 DKK has already been donated through the website

The contributions have come from family, friends, employees and business partners as well as from a great number of people that did not know Lars Larsen personally but have send greetings and made donations anyway.

“That means a lot to us, and to show our appreciation, we have decided that Lars Larsen Group will double the collected amount, when the collection ends on Saturday. By supporting research and treatment of cancer, it is our hope that fewer families will have to live through an experience as we have, in regards to my father’s illness,” says Jacob Brunsborg.


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