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The Scream. Photo: Munchmuseet
The Scream. Photo: Munchmuseet

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Experience one of the world’s most famous paintings from your home in this 24/7 live stream from MUNCH Tøyen.

The Scream is one of the world’s most famous motifs. In the newly opened exhibition «Yonder – Edvard Munch and Nature», visitors get to see the painting once again up close during the exhibition period.

For those who cannot travel to the museum, MUNCH offer a 24 hour livestream of The Scream directly from the exhibition. During the exhibition period several guests will appear in the livestream, offering thoughts on, and stories about the painting. Follow the live stream: here

When the museum closes for the day the light in the exhibition goes out, a dim lamp is lit, and The Scream can only barely be seen. We do this to preserve the light-sensitive painting. Read more about this sensitive painting here

Opening hours at MUNCH Tøyen: 10 am - 4 pm (GMT +2).


  • One of the world's largest museums dedicated to one artist.
  • 11 exhibition halls are spread over 7 floors
  • The museum's collection consists of 45 000 works of art and objects that are being moved from the old to the new museum building
  • Over 220 Munch works will be on display at all times in the new museum
  • Gross area: 26 313 m2
  • The building was designed by the Spanish architectural firm Estudio Herreros.
  • The museum is one of 50 role models in the Future Built program, the Oslo region's prestigious program consisting of buildings of high architectural quality and a 50% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions in transport, energy use and material use compared to similar buildings.


  • 2008: Resolution passed by Oslo City Council to build Munchmuseet in Bjørvika
  • 2009: Estudio Herreros’ design ‘Lambda’ wins the architectural competition
  • 2010: Munchmuseet becomes an autonomous municipal agency, incorporating the former Stenersen Museum
  • 2011: The building project is discontinued
  • 2014: Resolution passed by Oslo City Council to construct ‘Lambda’
  • 2016: Laying of the building’s foundation stone
  • 2019: The building’s façade is completed
  • 2020: Opening 

The Agency for Cultural Affairs (Kulturetaten) ensures quality, diversity and development in cultural offerings in Oslo. The Agency also recommends candidates for grants and scholarships for various projects aiming to promote art, culture and media in the city. The Agency is also responsible for the City of Oslo’s art programme, the City Archives, Oslo Culture School, the Pop Centre, the Vigeland Museum, the sculptures in the Vigeland Park, Oslo Culture Night, Oslo biennalen, summer camps, cultural properties, the Events Office (arrangementskontoret), and more.

Stein Slyngstad has been director since 2018.

Deichman is the agency for the public libraries in the city of Oslo. Founded in 1785, it consists of 22 branches all over Oslo and is Norway's largest and oldest public library. A Deichman library is a haven for you, no matter who you are; where you can read, work, relax, meet friends, or just be alone. You can borrow from our collection of over a million books, movies, CDs and other material. There is free wireless internet, and free access to computers and workshop tools. All you pay for is the paper and materials used when you print or copy. Our libraries are meeting places where you can experience or arrange everything from concerts and cartoon festivals to language courses and political debates. Deichman wants to contribute to a society where everyone has a sense of belonging, ownership and commitment – towards both the community and their own lives. No matter why you come here, you will leave with something.

Munchmuseet is one of Norway’s leading cultural institutions, which is dedicated to the life and works of Edvard Munch, Norway’s most important modern artist. The museum houses the largest collection of artworks by Munch in the world and was originally founded in Oslo in 1963 on what would have been Munch’s 100th birthday. The museum’s collection consists of well over half of the artist’s entire body of work, which Munch bequeathed to the city of Oslo, with over 28,000 pieces in its permanent collection. Munchmuseet also manages collections donated by Rolf Stenersen, Amaldus Nielsen and Ludvig Ravensberg. In 2014, Munchmuseet commenced work on a new museum building in Bjørvika on Oslo’s waterfront. The brand-new building, designed by Estudio Herreros, will trace the artist’s profound influence both on modern art and on artists through to the present day. The tailor-made structure will allow for a more extensive presentation of iconic works from the renowned permanent Munch collection, alongside temporary exhibitions featuring leading contemporary artists.

Press contacts

Jørn Johansen

Jørn Johansen

Press contact Director of Communications at Deichman Deichman Public Library, Oslo +47 900 97 250
Tone Kjensmo

Tone Kjensmo

Press contact Communication advisor, Culture Affairs +47 470 79 019

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This is the mutual press room for the three cultural agencies in the City of Oslo: The Agency for Cultural Affairs (Kulturetaten), Oslo Public Library Deichman and Munchmuseet.

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