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Lindab's R&D Manager for indoor climate solutions, professor Göran Hultmark, led an interactive workshop where Lindab's Pascal and Solus systems were discussed.
Lindab's R&D Manager for indoor climate solutions, professor Göran Hultmark, led an interactive workshop where Lindab's Pascal and Solus systems were discussed.

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Lindab participated in the biggest indoor climate congress of the year

REHVA World Congress CLIMA 2016 took place on 22-25 May in Aalborg, Denmark.. The congress is the leading international scientific congress within HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning) and construction. Scientists, engineers, architects and other experts gather here to find out about the latest research and developments with one clear goal: to improve quality of life and the indoor climate of future buildings. Again this year Lindab had several representatives on site.

An intensive programme of good ideas

An intensive programme ran over four days inside the Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre. Around 1,000 visitors from every corner of the world attended. The main focus of the congress was energy efficiency and the life cycle of buildings and their ventilation systems. Presentations and discussions about the latest research within ventilation and construction technology took place simultaneously in the building's many rooms. One of the participants was Lindab's R&D Manager for indoor climate solutions, professor Göran Hultmark.

In an interactive workshop, led by Göran Hultmark himself, Lindab's Pascal and Solus systems were discussed, as well as what advantages both systems offer in different areas of use. The aim was, quite simply, to spark opinion and allow the participants to analyse and discuss both solutions. The discussions engaged the visitors and many of them wanted to express their views of the optimal climate system in the different conditions that were presented.

An energy experiment involving Lindab's newly developed Solus system

Someone who has taken a closer look at Lindab's Solus system is Alessandro Maccarini, PhD student at the Danish Building Institute, Aalborg University, in Copenhagen. He presented his study to a large audience right before lunch on the Monday.

- I talked about the Solus system and in particular a simulation experiment in which I used Modelica, which is an advanced modelling tool. What I presented was the result of the Solus system's low energy consumption compared with traditional systems.

More studies by Lindab employees

Samo Venko, a technical specialist from Lindab IMP Klima, also took part. Venko presented a study he had carried out looking at how different barriers in a room affect the flow of air. For example, a work desk. The work provides further knowledge for planning future houses. Another participant was Jan Behrens, IT Solutions Manager at Lindab. Behrens is one of the authors of a study that validated precision in TEKNOsim 5, an IT solution from Lindab, which is used to carry out thermal climate simulations indoors. TEKNOsim 5 was compared to two other simulation tools and the conclusion was that the algorithms in TEKNOsim are faultless, giving completely reliable results.

By participating in congresses such as CLIMA 2016, we at Lindab have an opportunity to share our knowledge and expertise. Lindab supports good partnerships and provides the construction industry with innovative solutions which are energy efficient and which simplify processes. On our own we can do a great deal. However it is through collaboration that we as an industry can achieve the really big improvements. Therefore congresses such as CLIMA 2016 are vital for Lindab's contribution to building a sustainable future.



At Lindab, good thinking is a philosophy that guides us in everything we do. We have made it our mission to create a healthy indoor climate – and to simplify the construction of sustainable buildings. We do this by designing innovative

products and solutions that are easy to use, as well as offering efficient availability and logistics. We are also working on ways to reduce our impact on our environment and climate. We do this by developing methods to produce our

solutions using a minimum of energy and natural resources, and by reducing negative effects on the environment. We use steel in our products. It’s one of few materials that can be recycled an infinite number of times without losing any of its properties. This means less carbon emissions in nature and less energy wasted.


Catharina Paulcén

Catharina Paulcén

Press contact Head of Corporate Communications, Lindab Group +46 701 48 99 65

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