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One person confirmed deceased in the fire at Liseberg's water world Oceana

One person has now been confirmed found deceased in the fire at Oceana. The person was found by the police on Friday afternoon.

The fire started at Oceana around 10 a.m. on Monday, February 12th, and quickly spread to large parts of the building. Early in the fire, a person was reported missing, but the delayed extinguishing effort and the risk of collapse in the building complicated the police's search efforts.

On Friday, the police were able to confirm that they had found a deceased person in the building.

The person previously reported missing is the construction manager Patrik Gillholm. Relatives have been notified, and at the request of the immediate family, Patrik's name is included as part of this message. Patrik's immediate family includes his three children Albin, Tuva, and Måns, and his wife Theresa.

-It is with the deepest sorrow we have received information from the police that a person has been found deceased at the site of the fire, who is most likely our esteemed colleague Patrik Gillholm. What was a confirmed disaster limited to material losses has turned into a confirmed tragedy with loss of life, expresses Andreas Andersen, CEO at Liseberg.

Patrik Gillholm, who had been engaged in the Oceana project through his consulting assignment as a senior construction manager, was previously employed as a project manager at Liseberg from 2016 to 2019. Afterward, he has worked for Liseberg as a consultant in periods.


Mårten Westlund

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