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Report from press conference regarding the fire at Liseberg Oceana Water World in Gothenburg, Sweden

Liseberg, together with the construction contractor NCC and the Fire Department, held a press conference on Tuesday at 11 am regarding the fire that broke out at Liseberg's new water world, Oceana, on Monday.

Mårten Westlund, Head of PR and Communications at Liseberg, moderated the press conference and introduced participants from the Fire Department, NCC, and Liseberg, all of whom provided statements about the incident. Initially, it was confirmed that one person who works on the project for Liseberg is still missing, and that the Police have filed a report of a missing person. Further information about the missing person could not be provided during the press conference; instead, reference was made to the ongoing police investigation.

Per Nyqvist, the rescue chief at the Gothenburg Fire Department, reported on the sequence of events, which began with an alarm at 10:06 am on Monday regarding a fire at Liseberg's water world, Oceana. It had a dramatic start as there was an early occurrence of a fire gas explosion, followed by extensive smoke development from the fire. A major rescue operation was initiated, involving many units working intensively and in collaboration.

- The focus of the rescue operation, conducted in close collaboration with NCC and present constructors, was to investigate if there were more people in need of rescue inside the building. The damages and risk of building collapse limited the opportunities to access the entire building and search for the person who is still missing," said Per Nyqvist, the rescue chief at the Gothenburg Fire Department.

Per Nyqvist continued by stating that the rescue operation, which continued throughout Monday evening and night, has nevertheless managed to save large parts of the buildings. The fire has now significantly diminished, and it is relatively calm at the site today.

Niklas Sparw, Business Area Manager at NCC with responsibility for construction activities in Sweden, reported that the current focus has been on taking care of employees and sub-contractors, providing them with the support needed, and supporting Liseberg, the police, and the fire department in their ongoing investigation.

- What has happened is terrible. Our thoughts are with the family and relatives of the missing person. Our focus now is to take care of our employees, support our customer Liseberg, and assist the Police and Fire Department in their investigation of what has happened," said Niklas Sparw, Business Area Manager at NCC responsible for construction activities in Sweden.

Andreas Andersen, CEO of Liseberg, reported that Liseberg has had two main focuses in the past 24 hours. Firstly, to take care of the employees and guests affected by the incident. Andreas emphasized that thoughts are primarily with the colleague who was working on behalf of Liseberg and is still missing. The second focus of Liseberg's work since the fire broke out has been to assist the fire department and the police in their efforts to limit the damages. Andreas expressed gratitude for the efforts made by the fire department, police, and the city's crisis coordination.

- We are shocked and deeply saddened, affected, and shaken by what has happened. Many are now wondering, what happens now? The simple answer is that we do not know. Right now, our focus is not on finances or material damages but on the people affected by the fire. Currently, we do not have an overview of the project-related consequences. At the same time, I can promise that we will look forward with determination and hope. We will get through this," said Andreas Andersen, CEO of Liseberg.

Liseberg will update via this channel (press room at Mynewsdesk) as soon as there is new information to share.


Mårten Westlund

Press contact PR & Communications director +46735716521

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