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​Volvo Car Mobility launches M, the new car sharing service, in Gothenburg and Malmö

After 4 months live in the Greater Stockholm region and over 20,000 registered customers, it is time for Volvo Car Mobility to launch its new proprietary mobility service, M, in Gothenburg and Malmö.

Late in September 2019 Volvo Car Mobility launched M, a new and proprietary platform and service for smart car sharing in the Greater Stockholm and Uppsala region. After 4 months and over 20,000 registered customers, the time has come to go live in Gothenburg and Malmö. Starting from the 9th of March in Gothenburg followed by Malmö on the 27th, M will be available in and around both city regions via 380 stations.

Today there is a growing interest to find alternatives to car ownership in cities all around the world. With M, Volvo Car Mobility wants to challenge people’s approach to cars and how they traditionally are being used. By reducing the number of cars in cities, people can have more space to move freely and more sustainably.

M is a station-based model, which means that you pick up the car and return it to the same station. The service is developed with modern digital technology to meet the needs of today's digital consumer and has since day one continuously been refined together with users. Everything from booking a car to unlocking it is managed through the M-app. No plastic cards, codes or keys are needed.

“M's strength lies in what customers do not yet see, in other words the technology behind and a smart usage of data which allows us to better understand our customers and to continuously improve the service” says Bodil Eriksson, CEO of Volvo Car Mobility.

M's customers in Stockholm and Uppsala have reviewed more than 10,000 trips and the overall rating is 4.7 out of five. The on-going dialogue with M users has, among other things, led to an updated pricing model to make it easier to compare the price with alternative options. Instead of the previous all-inclusive price, the updated model is based on a fixed rate with an additional price per kilometer. Fuel, tolls and insurance is always included.

“Since we develop our service in-house, we have been able to spend the first few months gathering and analyzing more data, learning and understanding more users and in parallel preparing M for an even bigger market. We are now really looking forward to providing new customers in Gothenburg and Malmö with a new and smarter way to have a car” concludes Bodil Eriksson.


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