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Welcome to Miljöcenter!

Miljöcenter offers the best solutions for home and garden in such areas as composting, weed and pest control, plant protection, and secure mail, with added value for the environment. All the way through the value chain, from concept to finish product, we are committed to our users and customers. Miljöcenter has Europé as our market, with the Nordic market as our main market. We have been working in two business areas – store and profeessional – since 1991.

Silverline® gardenSystem® offers products made with functionality, quality and minimal environmental impact as guiding values. They have been developed using unique high-tech technology that makes them both effective and functional.

Silverline® Pest Control gardenSystem®
Our Silverline® Pest Control gardenSystem® brings you more than 15 years’ solid and documented experience of the behavioural patterns of mice and other pests. All our electronic repellers use A-Frequency™ sound technology, which emits a varied and adapted ultrasonic signal to scare away and unsettle the particular animal the product is designed to repel.

Silverline® Comfort Heating gardenSystem®
The heaters in our Silverline® Comfort Heating gardenSystem® range have been examined for both efficiency and comfort. Our comprehensive tests show that our heating technology, C-Wave™, provides a healthy, pleasant and comfortable heat with its long infrared waves, and that the heaters are eco-smart and energy-efficient.

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