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NNIT Expectation Barometer: on track when it comes to digital resilience?

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NNIT Expectation Barometer: on track when it comes to digital resilience?

Every year, NNIT conducts an Expectation Barometer survey among larger companies centered on a theme. This year’s theme is “Digital Resilience,” and the first results, based on answers from more than 400 respondents, are in.

More results will be continuously published on, until the final printed report is released in August 2021 and sent to all respondents. So far, it looks like companies are in fairly good shape when it comes to digital resilience – at least upwards of 70 percent of the respondents seem to think so.

Initial results for digital resilience

  • The majority of respondents (69 percent) feel that their company has been able to transform digitally at a satisfactory speed. Only seven percent disagree, and ten percent express that they have had no need to transform digitally.
  • Approximately half of the respondents (46 percent) agree that they have gained resilience without reducing agility or speed in relation to time to market.
  • More than half the respondents (51 percent) agree that business growth is management’s top priority right now.
  • Approximately half of the respondents (45 percent) feel that unclear targets and deadlines are the greatest barriers to obtain optimal agility and progression. 25 percent of the respondents suggest that lack of commitment from management is hindering business development.
  • At the same time, 25 percent of the respondents feel that business challenging initiatives from digitally focused competitors are among the greatest short-term threats.

React in time

Brian Troelsen, Head of Market Intelligence at NNIT, reacts to these results and emphasizes the importance of investing in digital transformation in time. Especially if you want to remain competitive now and in the future:

“The last year has taught us that a robust, digital response is essential, if you want to make it through hard times. This is true way beyond the Corona virus… We may see climate change, trade wars and other situations that will put pressure on our digital infrastructure. If you are on top of your digital setup and invest in updates on a regular basis, you will be able to steer clear of the biggest waves when a storm hits”.

Is your company digitally resilient?

NNIT’s Expectation Barometer survey is still open. If you complete the survey, you will get your own digital resilience score and the opportunity to benchmark your company against nine digital leaders.

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