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What Catalonia taste like?

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What Catalonia taste like?

Restaurants are reopening with new changes to ensure the safety of clients and staff.

Catalonia has 52 Michelin star restaurants.

The writer Josep Pla wrote that Catalan cuisine is its landscape in a dish. The Mediterranean essence is at the very heart of our traditional gastronomy. This historical legacy has inspired innovative offerings from chefs such as the Roca brothers, Ferran Adrià and Carme Ruscalleda. Chefs both in the past and in today's gastronomic avant-garde have made quality, local produce the cornerstone of their recipes, which have made Catalonia a culinary reference worldwide.Feel like tasting some Catalan cuisine?



Catalan Tourist Board is the official body that works to promote and consolidate the “Catalunya” brand around the world.

Catalonia is the number one tourist destination in Spain and one of the leading destinations in Europe, with more than 24 million tourists visiting per year, of which more than 14 million are from abroad.

The office in the Nordic countries takes leads the Catalonia's promotion in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Estonia.

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Eulàlia Cabana

Eulàlia Cabana

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