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The Peace Force Collection by Weekday X Non-Violence
The Peace Force Collection by Weekday X Non-Violence

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A peaceful collaboration; Weekday x Non-Violence Project

For autumn/winter 2018, Weekday will launch a comprehensive collaboration with Non-Violence Project (NVP), a non-profit organisation that promotes solving conflicts without violence through educational programs. The partnership consists of two parts: a newly formed network of spokes- persons for peace and a collection, available from October 11th, that enables Weekday customers to promote peace in their daily life.

The new network, dually dubbed Peace Force, is comprised of 9 individuals who in some way or another have been affected by violence* and therefore decided to take a stand against it. The start of their Peace Force work is a campaign with Weekday promoting the initiative, followed by a chance to work closely with the Non-Violence Project to inspire, engage and motivate young people to solve conflicts without violence. Each member has been offered an introduction course/session from NVP, focusing on the importance of a healthy self-esteem and the use of conflict management skills. They also have an opportunity to become certified trainers to schools, sports teams and community centers.

Along with the goodwill collaboration, a collection inspired by the Non-Violence Project and their work will be launched online and in stores. The main graphic is the “knotted gun” NVP logo, originally created by Swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, as a tribute to John Lennon who was shot and killed in New York City in 1980. European emergency vehicles influenced the use of colour, which is green, orange and black. The idea of using Peace Force as the main message is the same as creation of the network, the want for streets to be overtaken by a Peace Force instead of a police force.

“Since 1993 we have held violence prevention programs around the world, focusing on conflict management, self-esteem building, and non-violence. With Weekday lending us their voice and support, we hope to reach an even broader audience; a young group of aware and active social influencers who can spread our message in new inspiring ways”, Blaise Oberson, CEO, The Non-Violence Project Foundation.

“This collaboration feels very personal and close to our hearts, as violence in some form has affected the communities we live in, our friends and our families. This is a major problem on a global scale and we cannot be silent on such an important issue that affects so many. Our work with the Non-Violence Project helps us start a conversation and hopefully inspires others to be role models for a world without violence.”Nadine Schmidt, Head of Marketing, Weekday.

*Violence comes in many forms; verbal abuse, domestic abuse, cyber-bullying, and street/gang violence.


Weekday is a Swedish denim and fashion brand influenced by youth culture and street style. Founded in 2002, Weekday currently ships to 18 markets and has stores in 10 countries, offering a unique retail experience and a curated mix of women’s and men’s assortments as well as a small selection of external brands.


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We inspire, motivate and engage young people to learn how to solve conflicts peacefully through education.

The Non-Violence Project Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a mission to inspire, motivate and engage young people to learn how to solve conflicts peacefully. We have educated more than 8 million young people on five continents since the organisation was founded 1993 in Switzerland.

Our educational programs work towards prevention through subjects like respect for one another, self-esteem, tolerance, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, bullying, etc. It is designed for young people, ages 10-19, and combines academics with athletics in our programs Schools for Peace (10 lessons in 3 levels) and Sports for Peace (10 lessons in 3 levels) and the new Anti-bullying program.

Our education programs and outreach initiatives have won several awards for best practise. President Obama awarded NVP the ”President’s Call to Service Award” in 2011. Other awards include the Presidential Daily Light Award, received by President Bill Clinton, the Paul Harris Fellow Award given by Rotary International, the American National Safety Council Award for best practise and the Weed & Seed Award given by US Justice Department in 2009.

For more information about us and our educational programs, please visit and for contact please email .

The Non-Violence Project Foundation
Maison Internationale de l’Environnement 2, Chemin de Balexert 9
1219 Geneva