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Obton acquires co-ownership of Italian 50 MWp solar portfolio

The agreement makes Obton one of the 2 main shareholders in the solar PV-project, Copernico, which also includes Italian institutional investors. In addition to co-ownership of the solar PV-project, Obton shall also be a part of the project investment committee which holds the overall responsibility for the operation of the project’s PV-plants.

Back in 2009, Obton was one of the pioneers in the Italian solar PV-market, and with this agreement in 2017, Obton further establishes itself in the market as a reliable and durable business partner.

Anders Marcus, Managing Director of Obton, is very pleased with the agreement, describing it as ‘exceptional’.

“We at Obton are proud of this agreement, and it forms a milestone for the company. We still have tremendous ambitions and the co-ownership of one of Italy’s largest solar PV-projects constitutes an exceptional addition to our growing portfolio which now stands at a solid capacity in excess of 300 MWp.”

“The agreement demonstrates Obton’s ability to identify attractive investment opportunities, and that in a market as mature and established as the Italian. The addition of the project in Italy is a good match with our investment strategy of expanding our portfolio with solar PV-projects that show a sensible relationship between yield and risk.”

The PV-plants of the project total 50 MWp and are located in southern Italy, primarily in the Apulia region. They were grid connected in 2011, providing meaningful production history regarding their ability to produce sustainable energy. 

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Obton is an investment and management company specialized in renewable projects. Obton represents retail investors and manages a rapid growing PV-portfolio of more than 300 MW with an enterprise value of EUR 720m. The plants are primarily located in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.


Anders Marcus

CEO Head of acquisition +45 86 26 12 00

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