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Record earnings yet again at Danish solar panel investor Obton Group

Increasing interest in sustainable investments, expansions on the European and Australian markets and an increase in the number of real estate projects have resulted in a pre-tax profit of EUR 19,5 million for Obton Group

Sustainability was a hot topic in 2018, and no less so for the Danish investment company Obton Group, where the interest was tangible. The investment company specialising in alternative investments has just released its 2018 financial statements, and again this year, the company has presented a two-digit million euro surplus – in large part thanks to the increasing focus on sustainable investments, says CEO Anders Marcus.

‘We have seen a significant increase in the interest in sustainable investments in recent years. Both individuals and companies have come to realise that sustainable investments are good for the climate and, as far as companies are concerned, for their brand’, Marcus explains.

Over 500 global solar projects
Currently, Obton – one of two subsidiaries in the Obton Group – has over 500 global solar PV projects, with more on the way.

‘In 2018, we expanded activities both on the European and the Australian markets. Australia is one of the countries where solar energy comprises an ever greater share of the energy production and where we can see that the market will remain interesting for many years to come. Therefore, in 2018 we established a joint venture with an Australian partner with a view to expanding our Australian portfolio over the coming years’, explains Anders Marcus, adding:

‘We also have high expectations of the Netherlands. Here, we were one of the first players in the market, and in 2018 we expanded the number of solar parks to become among the largest in the country today. Another country we are watching closely is Ireland, where we have also entered into a joint venture. The Irish today are in the position that the Dutch were some years ago, and therefore we have a unique opportunity to be first movers here, too’, explains Anders Marcus.

At Obton Group’s other subsidiary too, Koncenton, that focuses on the real estate market in Denmark, 2018 was an entirely satisfactory year, says Anders Marcus:

‘Both at Obton and Koncenton, we have a very big pipeline of projects and are experiencing in both companies particular interest in our products. Therefore, we anticipate that in 2019 we will again be able to generate record earnings’, says Marcus.

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Obton Group is a Danish investment company that, through its subsidiaries Obton and Koncenton, offer alternative investments in solar parks (Obton) and real estate (Koncenton). With over 500 European solar projects, Obton is among Europe's largest investors in solar energy and has projects in, e.g. France, Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. On the real estate side, Koncenton is the third largest Danish buyer of residential real estate in Denmark (2018). Obton Group is one of Denmark's largest providers of alternative investment projects, with over EUR 2 billion under administration on behalf of over 2,500 investors. The Group has 120+ employees, of which 110 are at the Group headquarters in Aarhus, with the remaining number at the Group's French subsidiary in Paris, France.


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