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Value Change for Survival - Plantagon Chairman Chief Oren R. Lyons

Value Change for Survival - Plantagon Chairman Chief Oren R. Lyons speaks about what is needed for the future.
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The Swedish company Plantagon International AB, the first foreign company founded by North-American Indians, was started on 29 January 2008.
Together with the Swedish consulting engineering company Sweco, a public company quoted on the stock-exchange, Plantagon is developing a vertical greenhouse which makes it possible to cultivate ecologically in the middle of large cities.
This unique coo

Plantagon wins Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce New York-Deloitte Green Award 2012

The Swedish-American company Plantagon was awarded the 2012 SACC New York-Deloitte Green Award for their breakthrough green innovation within the food chain, the Plantagon Vertical Greenhouse. The award was presented by H.M. King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden at a Royal Gala Award Dinner on October 3 in New York. Representing Plantagon were CEO Hans Hassle and Chairman Professor Oren R. Lyons.