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20NINE TECH AB Launches enhanced app - primed for exponential growth in sub-Saharan Africa

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20NINE TECH AB Launches enhanced app - primed for exponential growth in sub-Saharan Africa

STOCKHOLM, Sweden – July 4, 2023 - 20NINE TECH AB, the Swedish SaaS company, unveiled a revamped version of its app today. This update aims to bolster the firm's future growth in sub-Saharan Africa.

The company anticipates a significant surge in user activity upon its Q3 2023 launch in the region, forecasting an estimated volume of 2 million concurrent users. To ensure robust support for these volumes, 20NINE undertook a complete overhaul of the app's technical architecture throughout spring 2023.

The reworked app also includes new modules for automatic bookkeeping, ticket and case management, and a customer service portal.

"With the new architecture, we stand well-equipped to cater to the projected growth in sub-Saharan Africa. Our added modules also address a clear market need among micro-business entrepreneurs," says Andreas Lalangas, CEO and founder at 20NINE TECH AB



20NINE TECH AB is the leading SaaS company dedicated to simplifying everyday life for entrepreneurs. Our superapp is designed to empower entrepreneurs to manage their businesses with ease, regardless of their level of expertise. With a user-friendly interface and no IT knowledge required, 20NINE streamlines business management and business operations, enabling users to make informed decisions and focus on value-added activities. Born with a vision to revolutionise the way entrepreneurs manage their operations, 20NINE is committed to delivering innovative, accessible technology that drives growth.

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Andreas Lalangas

Andreas Lalangas

Press contact CEO +46700929572

The impact Fintech platform

20NINE is the Fintech platform that makes micro-retailers and consumers in leap markets credit-ready with AI.

Our mobile apps offer easy and accurate shopping experiences both online and in-store. We help micro-retailers grow by extending their reach and via AI make both them and their customers credit-ready via our next-generation digital payments.

20NINE is established with offices and own subsidiaries in Sweden and Kenya.

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