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Christmas and New Year's holiday cards - this year in real-time 3D

Today 24 November 2008 a new style of personalized real-time 3D messages, Madlix 3DGreetings, is launched. The timing is excellent since Christmas and New Year´s is approaching, the time of year when most greetings are shared.
Mobile users worldwide download greetings from content portals, especially at Christmas and New Year´s holidays, to share with friends and family. This year Agency9 offers a new type of 3D enhanced greetings, Madlix 3DGreetings. The application is unique in its use of real-time 3D models allowing the user to freely rotate, zoom and move the model to any wanted position. The users can also utilize camera and recording features in their mobile device to create a background and a sound clip. The users can furthermore include their own text message as well as animations to add motion.
Madlix 3DGreetings is launched in more than 25 countries in Sony Ericsson´s "Fun & Downloads" portal, which confirms that Agency9 is continuing its approach as a leading company on the 3D visualization market.

"I´m very pleased to launch Madlix 3DGreetings. With 3DGreetings, Agency9 lets everyone create their own Christmas greeting cards in a new fascinating way", says Khashayar Farmanbar CEO Agency9.

Madlix 3DGreetings are easy to create through a few simple steps. The user can choose to start quickly with a premade greeting from one of the editions or create a new greeting from scratch. Initially three editions are available: Madlix X-mas 3DGreetings, Madlix 3DGreetings and Madlix Love 3DGreetings. These editions offer a number of cool and cute premade greeting cards. Each premade 3DGreeting consist of a 3D model, background, greeting text and sound.

A premade greeting can be sent directly or with modifications. Modifications include change of background, 3D model, text and sound. It is also possible to change position and animations for both the 3D model and the greeting text. A new 3DGreeting is created by the user, who can freely combine greeting content from a downloaded edition to create a truly personalized greeting.

3DGreetings are easily shared - everyone can receive a Madlix 3DGreeting. The greeting is sent as a 3D enhanced MMS message. Even if the receiver has not yet downloaded Madlix 3DGreetings a rendered greeting will be delivered.

Download Madlix 3DGreetings at:

About Agency9
Agency9 AB develops and sells software technology for real-time 3D visualization. The company was founded in 2003 with the 3D engine AgentFX as its primary product and the computer games industry as the main business area. The company launched its main application Agency9 3DMaps EX in cooperation with during spring 2008, which offers new and unexpected possibilities to view and use 3D maps. Madlix 3DGreetings is Agency9´s other main application, it allows creation of personalized 3D-greetings in the mobile phone, to be sent to family and friends. Agency9's applications enable the user to interact with objects and surroundings in an entirely natural way on the web or in the mobile phone. This is the power of 3D from Agency9.

Contact Khashayar Farmanbar, CEO Agency9
Mobile: +46 (0) 70 953 21 68


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