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Create and send your personal greeting cards from your mobile phone

Create and send your personal greeting cards from your mobile phone
Agency9 is testing Madlix 3DGreetings, a new style of MMS-messaging, in Telia Sonera's Innovation World.

"Innovation World allows mobile enthusiasts the chance to test, comment on, and request mobile applications, such as Madlix 3DGreetings, supplying users with a web forum and the ability to take part in various free trials in fields such as mobile messaging, as well as video, photo, music and entertainment.

Partners like Agency9 benefit from the online dialogue with our customers and Innovation World provides a faster time-to-market for high rated services" said Johan Wickman, Head of Mobility R&D at TeliaSonera.

Madlix 3DGreetings make it possible to create personalized 3D-enhanced greetings and wallpapers. Create your own unique greetings for party invitations, to ask someone out for a date or just create fun 3DGreetings to share with your friends.

Combine 3D-model, background, sound and add a text message to form your own personalized greeting. Select text- and model animation to add motion. Madlix 3DGreetings allows you to rotate, zoom and move the 3D-model anywhere on the screen and place the text message where you want it. You can also record sound and add your own photos to create your unique personal touch. Use your imagination. Messaging has never been more fun!
"With Madlix 3DGreetings, Agency9 introduces an application for a new kind of personal messaging using 3D content and allowing full user creativity. We wanted to do more than just static pictures and give mobile users more freedom when expressing themselves, so we invented 3DGreetinsgs", said Khashayar Farmanbar CEO at Agency9.

3DGreetings are easy to share and everyone can receive a Madlix 3DGreeting. You can send your 3DGreeting as a MMS-message, as many times as you want. It is also possible to save your 3DGreeting as a background image on your mobile phone.
Madlix 3DGreetings is shipped with free 3D-models and backgrounds as well as animation effects to let the user get started immediately. Try the free beta version at

About Agency9
Agency9 AB develops and sells software technology for real-time 3D visualization. The company was founded in 2003 with the 3D engine AgentFX as its primary product and the computer games industry as the main business area. The company launched its main application Agency9 3DMaps EX in cooperation with during spring 2008, which offers new and unexpected possibilities to view and use 3D maps. Madlix 3DGreetings is Agency9´s other main application, it allows creation of personalized 3D-greetings in the mobile phone, to be sent to family and friends. Agency9's applications enable the user to interact with objects and surroundings in an entirely natural way on the web or in the mobile phone. This is the power of 3D from Agency9.

Khashayar Farmanbar, CEO Agency9
Mobile: +46 (0) 70 953 21 68


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