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Is biotech as hot as fashion?

Promoting our biosensors all over the world involve fun travelling performing LIVE demos, seminars, customer meetings or training. Coming back from one of our longer trips recently we discovered that the biotech field is just as hot as the fashion industry.

Sitting on the flight I was asked by my neighbour:

   - Business or pleasure in Paris?
#  Business, returning from a road trip, London, Milan and Paris.
 - Nice, are you in the fashion industry?
#  No, not at all. I am the biotech field!
  -  Biotech?

That’s right! While fashion icons travel the world to attend fashion shows by Prada, Gucci, Dior and Armani, scientists travel the world to follow the latest, most innovative technology and research. And while Gucci, Armani, Dior and Prada hire top models to show off their hot couture, scientists create their own molecular models for research. Fashion cures vanity while science cures cancer. Fashion is beautiful, while biotech is supposed to be dull but they seem to be equally hot in London, Milan and Paris!

 Ett blogginlägg av Gabriela Suhoschi, Marketing Manager, Attana AB

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