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Artist-in-Residence at Kristofferscenen!

Artist-in-Residence August 2020

Weible Weible Co., in this case: Aino Ihanainen and Alex Weible Weible, are this year first group artist-in-residence at Kristofferscenen!

They will be working on the creation of Bedtime Sonata. The show is about dreams, nightmares, the strange places the mind goes while falling asleep. The residency will lead to a showing open to audience (according to the recommendations of the Swedish Health Agency), stay tuned for more info about times and dates and to reserve a seat!

The residency is offered by Kristofferscenen in collaboration with CirkusPerspektiv. 

For more info please contact marie-andree@kristofferscenen.se

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Marie-Andrée Robitaille

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