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Remember the stir Volvo Co-Pilot caused at bauma 2016?

Well, it continued to create ripples when it beat other top performers to win the Car HMI Award 2016 in the category 'Most innovative HMI feature.' Imagine a construction machine winning an award at a car event. Talk about technology crossing borders. Presented by we.CONNECT, the awards were part of Europe’s leading HMI and UX event which brought together more than 200 experts in HMI, usability and user experience.

“It is a tremendous honor for Volvo CE to win this prestigious innovation award,” said Sidney Levy, design director at Volvo CE. “Volvo Co-Pilot sets a new industry standard, puts the user at the heart of the system and is the first step towards an integrated, holistic solution for worksite optimization. With its intelligent assist-functionalities, the system allows our customers to work more efficiently and safer than ever before. This award is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of Volvo CE’s skilled employees who continue to push the boundaries of technology and design."

The award is also a tribute to the proactive collaboration between Volvo CE and CPAC Systems who worked together to develop the revolutionary Volvo CE platform. "We are extremely proud that this collaboration is recognized within the automotive community," said Richard Berkling, President of CPAC Systems. "The award just reemphazises what we at CPAC Systems are passionate about: turning differentiating technology into industrialized solutions where true integration optimizes cost as well as productivity for our customers."

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) created quite a stir when it unveiled its innovative and revolutionary Volvo Co-Pilot services as part of its new intelligent machine solutions at bauma 2016.

The Volvo Co-Pilot is designed for use on machines as diverse as excavators to pavers. It uses a tablet computer to deliver a new generation of intelligent machine services, such as Load Assist, Dig Assist, Compact Assist and Pave Assist. Volvo Co-Pilot and the assist-functionalities help operators to produce higher quality outcomes, in less time and with less effort.


Volvo CE's June 2016 press release on 'Volvo Co-Pilot wins prestigious human-machine interface (HMI) award'.

CPAC Systems April 2016 press release on 'The Volvo Co-Pilot platform'


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