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Tretorn x Gina Tricot
Tretorn x Gina Tricot

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A new mini collection is here – Gina Tricot in collaboration with tretorn! We’ve now also expanded our hit concept “mommy & me” to include all of you proud dads out there.

The success of Gina Tricot Mini continues, this time, by adding some pieces to the collection that have been created in collaboration with the prestigious Scandinavian brand, Tretorn! 

The collection took its inspiration from the art world by incorporating gorgeous spring colours and prints. For the first time ever, the fashion chain has also  expanded its successful “mommy & me” concept to include unisex clothing for dads who want to match their mini, too, so that every loving parent can match their mini!

The Scandinavian clothing style is synonymous with earthy tones, simple prints and the concept “less is more” is just right, for all styles, all occasions. With its Mini collections, Gina Tricot is hoping to inspire its customers to add more colour to their everyday life.

“The inspiration for the collection originally came from the world of art, spring, and a joyful colour palette. We wanted to capture the playful, natural relationship that children have with art by including simple, fun shapes, imagination and a feeling of optimism. For our rainwear, the priority was high quality that really lasts. That’s why Tretorn, with its strong brand and prestigious history of creating long-lasting, functional clothing was an obvious choice,” says Elin Hulin, Director of Purchase and Design at Gina Tricot.

Besides raincoats, rain pants and boots bearing the Tretorn and Gina Tricot names, the collection also includes soft sweatshirts, comfortable hats and matching shirts with inspiring messages for the entire family. The unisex clothing for proud dads who want to match their mini will only be sold online.

“We’re very proud of this collaboration with Gina Tricot, which is also one of the major players in the Scandinavian fashion industry. At Tretorn, we are focusing on both our kids collection and growing internationally. Merging that with Gina Tricot’s Mini collections, which have been a huge success right for the start, feels like a perfect match. Collaborating with them to create a new collection has also been a tremendous amount of fun. We provided thetechnical expertise that has gone into manufacturing all the high quality raincoats, shoes and boots that you’ll find in the collection. This collaboration was very successful and the talent that each company brought to the table was perfectly matched,” says Magnus Månsson at Tretorn.

The collection will be released on 27 February in selected Gina Tricot stores and online at

Many items in the collection have been manufactured from more sustainable materials and the children’s clothing is available in sizes 62/68-122/128. As before, we also have some specially designed products where 10% of the proceeds go to World Childhood Foundation.

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Gina Tricot is a Swedish fashion chain offering exciting, feminine fashion to women in over 30 countries. We don’t complicate things. Our strength has always been keeping things simple, which applies to our designs and working methods alike. We have a passion for fashion, with the goal of offering customers a new and exciting shopping experience.

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Gina Tricot is a Swedish clothing company, offering trending fashion to women in over 30 countries. Our customers will find outfits and accessories for every occasion, every day of the week – must-have basics, denim, and the ultimate party pieces. At Gina Tricot we have an immense passion for fashion, intending to offer our customers a new and inspiring omnichannel based shopping experience, both online and in store.

We’re always aiming to find new forward-thinking ways how we can evolve as a fashion company; looking for great sustainable solutions, creative work ideas and unique collaboration opportunities to become even better at what we do – and put our hearts into every day – as an international fashion supplier.

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