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Upcoming Streaming Giant Seeks To Double Its Subscriber Count – Chooses GO MO Group As SEO Partner

Forecast to be a $12.5 billion industry by 2030, Indian video streaming is currently valued at $1.7 billion and has some strong players, one of which is Arha Media. The company's video streaming service Aha Video has quickly gained a strong market position and is now partnering up with international digital marketing agency GO MO Group to double its subscriber count in 2022. 

Since its launch in March 2020, Aha Video (a product of Arha Media) has quickly become India’s largest Telugu content streaming service with over 1.5 million subscribers. Aha Video stands out against the competition with its focus on local content. They have set up their own studio in Mumbai, and plans are in place for a second studio in the southern state of Kerala. The media company seeks to double its subscriber count over the coming year and expand into new territories. 

Digital marketing is a key component of Arha's growth strategy and will be a major factor in achieving Aha Video’s growth targets. Meeting the demand for regional language content has proven to be a successful approach, and Aha Video plans to market its service to international Telugu speakers as well. In addition to reaching more Telugu speakers, the regional language content offering will be expanded to meet similar demand in other parts of India, providing fresh local content in more languages and regions. 

“The OTT space in India is crowded and highly competitive. In addition to international industry leaders like Amazon Prime and Netflix, there is local competition from platforms like Hotstar, Zee5, and Sunnxt. Despite this, Aha Video has quickly established a strong foothold in the local language niche. The key to further expansion of the subscriber base will lie in effectively communicating to users looking for quality content in their preferred language. GO MO Group’s data-driven approach and extensive understanding of online user behavior will help us ensure Aha Video is visible in the right channels, to the right audience, at the right time.” – Ajit Thakur, Aha Video CEO

Online marketing targeting the different regions and their local languages will help communicate the availability of this content to relevant audiences. Having previously developed successful digital marketing strategies across multiple regions, and a local presence in India (Pune), the Swedish/India-based agency GO MO Group was chosen as Arha Media’s digital marketing partner. 

"We’re excited to take on this future giant and to truly stress-test the scalability of our service offering. Currently, GO MO adds similar business value to what Arha is seeking to global industrial B2B giants, and I believe that the teams and processes we have built are fully ready and have the odds in our favor now that we tackle this new challenge. I strongly believe in our ability to play a fundamental role in Aha reaching its growth targets. I very much look forward to showing the real effects of shifting to digital marketing. They have previously announced a Tollywood superstar, Allu Arjun as their brand ambassador, and now we’re adding data-driven, performance-based marketing and SEO to the mix. We are looking forward to working with Ahra Media in bringing the Aha experience to more Indian regions.”– Gabriel Ghavami, GO MO Group CEO


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Du är övertygad om att pull-marketing, datadrivet och digital marknadsföring är framtiden - då blir vi den optimala partnern 

Marknadsavdelningens roll och möjligheter har förändrats blixtsnabbt de senaste åren. 

Sverige står inför enorma utmaningar och många i näringslivet har halkat efter den digitala evolutionen. Konsumenten är idag helt drivande och vi företagare måste haka på, kosta vad det kosta vill! GO MO bygger proaktiva och målmedvetna team som med fullt fokus jobbar ihop för att i alla lägen kunna erbjuda marknadens mest kompletta sökmotoroptimeringstjänst (SEO-tjänst).


Även 2021 började på topp då vi fick in nya prestigeuppdrag ifrån bl.a. två Fortune500 bolag inom B2B. Där ingår även internationella uppdrag som att hantera Content Marketing och SEO på flera internationella marknader.


Bollen har precis satts i rullning och det roliga ligger framför oss. Ambitionen är att växla upp ytterligare och målet är att växa med ytterligare. Gruppen omsätter ca 45 msek (12/2020 siffror).

Stor del av framgången beror på hårt arbete och ett enormt fokus, men det faktum att vi lyckats kapitalisera på paradigmskiftet inom den digitala världen, och att Google ändrat spelreglerna för den organiska rankningen är också bidragande.

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