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Sortina Pharma AB has appointed Sara Rhost as CEO, with start from 1th of December 2021

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Sortina Pharma AB has appointed Sara Rhost as CEO, with start from 1th of December 2021


GU Ventures sprider nyheter och information kring verksamheten, sina bolag, samt alumnibolag:


Sara has a doctoral degree in immunology from Gothenburg University and has been managing and driving the sortilin-project from research into product development. She has extensive experience in cancer research and has been one of the lead scientists for the sortilin-project initiated at the University of Gothenburg. She has co-founded Sortina Pharma together with professor Göran Landberg and GU Ventures in 2020.

There are several cancer types that have increased expression of sortilin, we are initially aiming for a subgroup of 20% of breast cancer patients who have increased sortilin-levels and related thereto increased risk of metastatic cancer. Sortina Pharma has reached several milestones in developing a first in class novel anti-sortilin binding small molecules for the treatment of metastatic cancer.

GU Ventures, as one of the owners of Sortina Pharma, want to welcome Sara Rhost as CEO for Sortina Pharma.

”We are pleased that we have recruited Sara. As CEO she will build Sortina Pharma by accelerating progress towards our initial goal of selecting a CD and documenting its effects in patients”.- Anders Waas, business developer, GU Ventures.

From the left: Göran Landberg, Sara Rhost, Thomas Olsson, Anders Waas, Tommy Abrahamsson, Christer Westerlund and Jesper Dahlberg.

About Sortina Pharma

Sortina Pharma is a Swedish company with know-how from the University of Gothenburg, focusing on developing more effective therapies against cancer. The company’s first-in-class drug candidate has the unique potential to eliminate the aggressive cancer cells with the use of small molecules targeting sortilin and thereby reducing metastasis and recurrence of cancer. First indication is triple negative breast cancer, with the potential to build a portfolio with several other cancer indications. Sortina Pharma´s pharmaceutical has the potential to cure patients from cancer and take cancer treatment to the next level. 




About GU Ventures AB

GU Ventures builds businesses out of groundbreaking ideas that help shape a better tomorrow and is top-ranked by UBI Global Index as one of the world's 20 leading university-run incubators. We finance and develop new innovative business ideas with connections to the University of Gothenburg, which is one of northern Europe's largest universities. Our mission is commercialize the innovations, which leads to the utilization of research and skills, renewal of the business community, job creation and sustainable growth. Our passionate team of company builders, financial experts, IP and legal talent are dedicated supporters of our companies and ensure their successes. Since our starting point in 1995, GU Ventures has developed over 200 new business ideas of which 130 are in business today and of which 14 are listed. Our portfolio consists of 70 holdings and some projects. In the latest survey, 87% of companies match the global sustainability goals set by the UN. GU Ventures is wholly owned by the Swedish state and managed by the University of Gothenburg. Feel free to read more at: www.guventures.com.


Anders Waas

Anders Waas

Business Development, GU Ventures AB +46708580461
Sara Rhost

Sara Rhost

CEO, Sortina Pharma AB 0736525644

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