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Photo: Tarja zu dem Berg
Photo: Tarja zu dem Berg

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STAR Impact welcomes Tarja zu dem Berg as fund manager and CEO

The board and founders of STAR Impact AB are delighted to introduce its first Fund Manager and CEO Tarja zu dem Berg. Tarja zu dem Berg will start fulltime on STAR Impact in March 2022 and the team is looking forward to an exciting journey ahead.

STAR Impact is a new in-the-making impact investment fund that is fundraising now. STAR Impact, initiated and backed by GU Ventures AB, will offer impact focused profit and non-profit organisations investments and loans to drive positive change. STAR Impact wants to lead by example and change how we think about businesses, investments and impact. Star Impact will take a holistic approach to impact investing, it will strive to better understand the ecosystem and find synergies as well as identify new stakeholders, markets and products and to finance companies that have both positive impact and business goals at their core. STAR Impact will focus on supporting high impact innovations in the areas of food, nature and quality of life from businesses in the Nordics that are at the pre-seed and seed stages. Star Impact is aiming for significant direct and indirect positive impact alongside financial returns.

- "I am really excited to start as Fund manager at STAR Impact and establish it´s first impact fund. GU Venture has already made an extensive work in evaluating the impact investment area and we have a clear investment strategy for the STAR Impact fund. I am experienced in investing in Swedish startups, and STAR Impact which it´s focus on early stage impact innovations in the areas of food, nature and quality of life in the Nordics, appeals to me a lot. The first step is to raise a fund of 100 msek and we are now looking for Nordic investors engaged in social and environmental sustainability.", says Tarja zu dem Berg

    Tarja is highly respected and appreciated by her peers and colleagues. She is passionate about working with entrepreneurs and start-ups as well as making a difference especially when it comes to gender equality within the Venture Capital industry. Tarja has helped finance and develop businesses in Sweden for 20 years. She founded the government owned Venture Capital firm, Almi Invest, by fundraising one Billion SEK and made its first investments in start-ups. Tarja has a wealth of experience in investing having managed investments in ~80 companies and in leading companies having been on the board of 30 companies. Tarja’s academic background is in international business from the School of Business, Economics and Law in Gothenburg and the Copenhagen Business School.

    - "I have had the vision and goal of contributing to redirecting the flow of money in line with the Sustainable Development goals for many years and now the STAR Impact team is strengthen with an exceptional experienced and humble person as our Fund Manager, Tarja zu dem Berg. I couldn't be more proud and happy to welcoming Tarja to the team and I´m excited to start working together, making a difference and contribute to building the ecosystem in the area of impact investing.", says Sofia Strom chairperson of STAR Impact, business developer and sustainability responsible at GU Ventures AB.

    For more information contact:

    Sofia Ström, chairperson at STAR Impact AB, business developer and responsible for sustainability at GU Ventures AB, Sofia.Strom@ventures.gu.se or +46707131150 or

    Tarja zu dem Berg, Fund Manager and CEO STAR Impact AB, Tarja.Zudemberg@starimpact.se or +46709185896

    Visit our web page https://www.starimpact.se/ , follow us on our linkedIn page STAR Impact and contact us at hello@starimpact.se




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    Sofia Ström

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