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Hepatitis levels in Europe poorly known!

Many patients who are infected with hepatitis can carry the infection for many years before developing symptoms. This is one major reason why it is inherently very difficult to obtain accurate prevalence data for hepatitis.

There is prevalence data reported for European countries. As can be seen from the graph below, several countries have no data in those reports, and the prevalence reported for some other countries seems rather underestimated.

With all the discrepancies found between medical practices in different countries, the medical profession might still be that, which has the most uniform practices of any profession on the planet – “based on science and proven experience” is a quite good platform for weeding out the worst errors.

One data set, which has a very high inherent accuracy, is the drug sales numbers provided by the. With the assumption that the “proportion of hepatitis infected patients who are being treated” is fairly uniform across Europe, at least when looking at fairly inexpensive off-patent drugs, it might be that the drug deployment per million population could actually be a better indicator of hepatitis prevalence than the reported prevalence numbers themselves.

Dr. Arne Björnberg, COO Health Consumer Powerhouse


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