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The first face mask designed for active people is launched in Sweden by WeWork members

OVER-FUNDED: The RunMask was launched yesterday on Kickstarter together with the IAMRUNBOX MINI armband and a shopping bag made of recycled plastic bottles. The project was over-funded within one hour and has over 200 backers up to date.

"This is our fifth Kickstarter campaign and we are happy to be launching such a high-quality product in such a short timeline. We had to move fast because we wanted to offer a solution for people to keep active and safe in COVID-19 times. So, maybe you want to go outside for a solo jog or bike ride. Or get some fresh air and do your grocery shopping in the neighborhood. Now you can do all of that in a safe and comfortable way”, explains Kirill Nosvok, Founder & CEO of IAMRUNBOX.

IAMRUNBOX’s Active Essentials Kit includes:

  • RunMask: a protective face mask that will be distributed for free with every bundle.
  • IAMRUNBOX MINI: a highly functional, protective & anti-bounce runners wallet that offers a perfect fit to the body, big capacity, protection and easy access to the phone. It can be used in four different ways: on hand, on arm, around the waist, and cross-body.
  • Shopping bag: made from recycled 5 plastic bottles. Besides being sustainable, the bag is also resistant and has comfortable straps that are ideal for carrying big grocery shopping. Moreover, it can be turned into a backpack and folded into itself which is a practical and versatile solution for active commuters.

Collaboration with WeWork Labs

Since the COVID-19 breakdown, the world has stopped and self-isolation remains the main preventive measure in most countries. Still, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), going outside for exercising while keeping a social distance is not only safe but also essential for physical and mental health.

In order to make it even safer for people to be outside, IAMRUNBOX fast-tracked the development of the Active Essentials Kit.

That’s how Kirill found support in the WeWork Labs community: “The support we got from them was essential as we could stay up-to-date about COVID-19 development around the world and get quick feedback from the community. In less than one month we successfully developed and launched the product.”

Jens Ingelstedt, Labs Manager at WeWork Stockholm completes: “With WeWork Labs, we have a tightly connected global network of founders and experts across 20 countries who are eager to support each other - Kirill’s idea and social spirit inspired many of them to actively contribute ideas and feedback, so we are thrilled to see the products come to life now."

The team, based in Stockholm, Lund, and Malmö, worked from home for the development of the products, now available on Kickstarter.

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IAMRUNBOX is an active lifestyle brand based in Stockholm that produces high-quality, functional, stylish, and weather-resistant backpacks for active urban commuters worldwide.

Our vision is to inspire a healthy lifestyle and promote running, walking, and cycling as green and sustainable alternatives to public transport.

We offer an alternative to traditional outdoor backpack brands that are usually not designed for the urban environment and urban fashion brands which lack functionality or ergonomics.


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