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Facing COVID-19 – in Hero Mode

COVID-19 has the world in a frenzy. And by now you’ve likely heard enough apocalyptic warnings and notices. There are precautions to take, health care professionals and leaders to listen to, rules to adhere to, family to protect. And yes, we are all in this together. …

But, how we can all do our part NOW to be a positive force for the future. How and Who do we want to be when this is all over?

And it will be over. We WILL get through this.

Many of us are experiencing some form of lockdown in the face of COVID-19. Social distancing and working from home have now become the norm. But more than just a physical lockdown, it’s a mental one too. Both in our personal lives and in our professional ones, we may feel isolated, out of touch, disconnected, anxious, and uncertain about our future. And some of us are entering in to panic mode.

But there’s one thing we know: Panic doesn’t work. So, what’s the opposite of panic? It’s something that inspires a desirable outcome. Today, instead of panic mode, we’re suggesting “Hero Mode” – a state of mind with which we stand strong, and do something to inspire good, to reach a positive outcome for ourselves and for those around us. This means remaining calm, but it also means being proactive and productive in a time when others may shrink back with fear. If we want to be ok once we’re out of the woods, we can’t shut down. We need to continue to stay connected, stay centered, stay active, and stay productive.

But how? Like most impactful things, it’s going to take some effort. Here, a few ideas to get us into “Hero Mode”.

Choose happiness.
What? “You want me to be happy at a time like this?”

Actually, yes. Positivity is necessary to pull us through difficult times. Enjoy the moments you have with family, your pets. Grab on to the smallest of joys. Arm yourself with bits of goodness where you can. They will not only help get you through the tough times, but they will also rub off on those around you. You can’t be good for others until you are good yourself.

Careful what you read. Check the facts. Limit time on social media.
Most of us are using social media right now to stay connected with friends and family. Social media helps shorten the distance we feel from people we care about. But, overdoing it can be harmful. Stay informed but be careful what you read. Fake news is rampant on social media, but so is content pushed out to evoke fear, outrage, shock … (the stuff that gets clicks). Too much negative is detrimental to our wellbeing. Read, but check the facts. Limit your news intake to official sites, such as WHO. And limit your time on social media. Taking on too much at once will overwhelm. Don’t obsess over the rising numbers. Take time to distract yourself with something positive.

Simplify. Clean up the clutter.
If you’ve spring cleaned, you might know that sense of accomplishment that can come with sparkle and declutter. Not only is it a good idea during a health crisis of this sort, but also clutter has a tendency to creep into our psyche and make us feel mentally disheveled.

Also, simplify the way you work. If you, like so many others, are working from home, you need tools to stay in touch with your teams. Platforms and services like Idka can simplify by letting you connect, communicate, share and store files from any browser on any device with simple login.

Create something. Innovate.
Write. Bake. Knit. Sew. Paint. … Whether it’s a note, or a book, or a doodle or a masterpiece, studies show we feel better when we’ve created something of our own. Take the time and use the energy to innovate. The impact can cause a positive shift in our wellbeing and will be key to seeing us through any crisis.

Stay Relevant.
Reinvention may be the refresh that you or your company need right now to ensure you are relevant to TODAY – and to help see you through to tomorrow. As offices close, for example, we might not need office equipment, but we do need tools that will facilitate our working from home. Find out what people need now and figure out how you can provide what is relevant.

Technology is our friend.
We have the technology. Use it! There are tools out there to help you stay connected and working efficiently no matter where you are. Idka is one of them. Conduct important meetings over video or group chat. If you’re a salesperson, you can still sell. Invite a prospect for a demo. Start a virtual aerobics group. Start a podcast. Have a virtual party!

Say thank you.
While many of us stay home, others are still out there working – many in an effort to protect, help, save lives. Whether they are health professionals, police officers or delivery people, show them some respect. Thank them. Showing gratitude has a positive effect on our wellbeing and will spread positive vibes across teams and throughout our communities.

Help someone.
Offer a service, a product, a helping hand or advice. Like a smile, good will is contagious.

At Idka, we’ve also asked ourselves, how can we do our part?

In an effort to make a positive impact, and help companies get through to a better tomorrow, Idka is offering free access to all functionality until April 20 – extendable until coronavirus is under control.

The Idka cloud-based solution makes remote work easy, with co-flow: simple, seamless, frictionless collaboration and communication in and across teams and organizations – with privacy Built In. Our fully integrated, cloud-based solution includes encrypted chat; open, closed and hidden groups; notes; newsfeed; and built-in cloud storage – all in one safe place. There is no installation or IT support required. Idka is up and running with simple login, no matter where you are – With Privacy Built In.

For more information on how you can start your free corporate account, please contact us at One of us will be happy to help.


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