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How To Grow Your Team using a Private Workspace for Business

Do you have a problem with employee engagement? Is your team scattered across multiple unreliable platforms? Is it difficult to create an environment in which your team can grow? We hear you. For your business to be successful, it’s important to first find a workspace within which your team can be productive. Here’s how you can use the private workspace Idka, to maximize efficiency and improve teamwork.

Create Conversations in Encrypted Chat

When working in a busy environment, it can be time-consuming to have real time conversations with your employees or colleagues. Idka offers built-in Chat, with video and voice call options. Message back and forth with your team, or make video calls with people overseas.

The chat is end-to-end encrypted, meaning that only the user and the receiver can access messages. You can easily share confidential information with Idka Chat, without worrying that third parties might read it.

Share Files with Built-In Cloud Storage

We tend to work a lot with many different types of files over the course of a normal workday. There’s always something that needs to be forwarded: a document, a video, a spreadsheet, and so on. Instead of bringing in an external service, like DropBox or Google, Idka lets you store and share your files with colleagues, right there on the same platform. Say goodbye to trying to remember where all of your files are placed, and use Idka’s Built-In Cloud Storage to share and store your files. Storage is, of course, private by default, so you don’t have to worry about who has access to your files. They belong to you, and will stay that way.

Communicate in Posts

If you want your team to be even more tightly knit, you can take advantage of the Posts feature. As soon as you sign up to Idka, you get your own feed and personal profile. When you create an organization for your team, you and all members will also have an organizational profile. You can share text, photos, links, and file and choose with whom you share No one can access your content unless you’ve chosen to share it.Posts are perfect for sharing your thoughts, or starting a thread or discussion. While Chat lets you share quick thoughts, Posts let you get more organized in your communication. Visit specific posts on certain topics to communicate with your team.

Save Your Ideas in Notes

Every hard worker is a fan of diligent note taking. At times, work can be stressful, and you need to be quick on your feet. It’s frustrating to have to keep track of all of your notebooks and post-its! Idka gives you access to your own private note-taking system, where you can color code, add tags, and pin notes, to help organize your thoughts. Every group you’re a member of has its own notes system, where you can easily save passwords to the business’ Twitter account, or bullet-point what everyone needs to remember for next week’s meeting.

Build Communities in Groups

A business is often divided into departments. There’s a department for sales, development, marketing, and so on. It’s important that these departments get their own space where they can develop thoughts and ideas. Idka gives you the option to create Groups with contacts of your own choice, making it easy and effective to interact with the right people. Start a Group with your team and take advantage of the Built-In Storage, Chat, Posts, and Notes, specifically integrated in your Group. Creating communities within your team helps making things run smoothly.

You can create Hidden, Closed, or Open Groups, with different levels of privacy. A Hidden Group is not searchable for outsiders, and can only be accessed through an invitation from the Group’s admin. A Closed Group is searchable, but you have to be invited by the Group’s admin to access the content. An Open Group is both searchable and accessible to anyone.

Start Growing Your Team

Are you ready to start growing your team? Sign up to Idka, and create an organization specifically for your team. When you’re all set, watch your team grow and thrive on a platform designed to let you collaborate and store all of your information – with privacy from the get-go.Sign up here.


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