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Magnus Björnum new CFO at Inteno Group

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Magnus Björnum new CFO at Inteno Group

Magnus Björnum has been appointed Chief Financial Officer at Inteno Group AB. Magnus comes from similar positions at companies such as Soft One, GM Financial and Jeeves.

“Inteno Group is a company with big ambitions and great potential. The group combines product and software development within the broadband and IoT industry in an atmosphere, where solid business development meets startup”, says Magnus.

“Genexis is well established within the European CPE market place with good track records within the growing Fiber to the Home and In-home WiFi segment. IOPSYS is different, a young software company in a very interesting emerging market segment where a breakthrough was made when BT selected IOPSYSWRT, a hardware independent open-source software platform for CPE.”

Magnus will split his time between Genexis and IOPSYS, and work group-wide with strategical, tactical and operational financial tasks with focus on expansion of the group.

“The need for reliable and high speed broadband connectivity is growing all over Europe and to support our expansions we are looking at establishing new operations in the UK and Italy”, says Magnus.
He stresses that the Inteno Group of companies has a strong advantage by being local.

“Genexis has seven offices from where we handle sales and technical support and by understanding local needs we can adapt products and services accordingly.”

Magnus har four kids, of which two still live at home together with him and his partner in the Stockholm suburb Ekerö. He likes to relax by running and cycling. This fondness for speed and movement might be one of the reasons why he likes his new job so much.

“It is exciting to be a part of Inteno Group - a fast-moving company group, where extensive questions are frequently discussed and decided on a daily basis.”

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Inteno Group AB is an innovative solution supplier within the telecom and broadband industry. Inteno Group promotes its two daughter companies Genexis and IOPSYS Software Solutions in the development of hardware and software platforms for the broadband industry. Inteno Group is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.


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Conny Franzén

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Genexis Group AB, former Inteno Group AB, is a Swedish company with 30 years of experience in the broadband- and telecommunication sector. Together with our subsidiaries we are developing and investing in access products for the fast-growing fiber to the home market as well as the market for hardware independent software for customer premises equipment (CPE). With our work in forums and standardization bodies we promote the open platform approach. Our subsidiaries support our customers in tailoring the product and system offerings to customer specific needs.

In addition to the iopsys software Inteno offers a variety of mid- to high-end residential gateways, widely deployed to Northern European operators. Keep your eyes open! During the end of 2014, Inteno will also launch new gateway platforms with innovations taking broadband to the next level.

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12739 Skärholmen