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Tree Climbing Planet and Tim Kovar


Malmö Garden Show
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For close to 20 years, Master Tree Climbing Instructor Tim Kovar has been climbing trees and providing instruction in the remote jungles of the world. Kovar has taught tree climbing to canopy researchers worldwide, including ornithologists in Indonesia, primatologists in Uganda, entomologists in Ethiopia, and herpetologists in India and Central America. He has worked extensively with domestic and international researchers studying tree biology, forest ecology and the effects of climate change. He consults with eco-tour operators and guides tree climbing expeditions in India, Asia, Central America and the Amazon basin. He also works with film crews, photographers and writers and served as the personal tree climbing instructor to Richard Preston <> , author of New York Times bestseller,The Wild Trees. Kovar began his career as an arborist and lead instructor at Tree Climbers International <> in Atlanta, Ga., where he helped develop the standardized instruction being taught around the world. In 2011, he founded Tree Climbing Planet <> (TCP), a Portland, Ore. and Nashville, Tenn.-based technical and recreational tree climbing school. Prior to TCP, he co-created Tree Climbing Northwest, which was operated by New Tribe <> , a manufacturer of recreational tree climbing gear. For more information call 404.313.0562 or visit