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OpenART Biennial 2017 in Örebro, Sweden

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OpenART Biennial 2017 in Örebro, Sweden

This summer, Orebro will once again be transformed into art’s urban playground. OpenART, Sweden’s largest biennial for contemporary art in public space, celebrates its sixth exhibition this year. Once again, the city centre will open up for a public encounter with art, long awaited by many. For three months, the urban space will become a forum for exciting creativity, magical experiences, and exhilarating ideas. The focus countries 2017 are Japan and Colombia.

The three regions of the world spotlighted in the exhibition – Asia, Europe and Latin America – form a triangle of ideas.
Already during the planning stage, Orebro’s OpenART Biennale is drawing energy from the exciting meeting between Asia’s thoughtful wisdom and Latin America’s colourful vitality. A triangle of different cultures that helps us let go of what we take for granted so that we can achieve something bigger here in Northern Europe.

On 18 June 2017, OpenART Biennale will come into full bloom with about a hundred works by sixty artists in Orebro’s city centre. In other words, anything can happen – and we promise it will!

OpenART runs until 10 September.

Artists signed for OpenART (19 April 2017)

Adriana Affortunati (BR)
Aiko Miyanaga (JP)
Alexander Creutz (SE)
Anna S Pettersson (SE)
Anna Ström (SE)
Anya Blom (SE)
Brandon Vickerd (CA)
Carlos Castro (CO)
Chiharu Shiota (JP)
David Mesguich (FR)
Diao Wei (CH)
Ea ten Kate (NL)
Elin & Keino (FI)
Etam Cru (PL)
Francesco Bracci (CR)
Fredy Alzate (CO)
Greger Ståhlgren (SE)
Henrik Jonsson (SE)
Hitoshi Ushijima (JP)
Juan Luis Mesa (CO)
Kanae Ohgi (JP)
Kristin Capp (US)
Leidy Chavez & Fernando Pareja (CO)
Leonel Vásquez (CO)
Lina Sundin & Jens Erlandsson (SE)
Maria José Arjona (CO)
Marisa Merlin (IT)
Mauricio Bejarano (CO)
Mercedes Angola (CO)
Mikkel Johnsen (DK)
Miler Lagos (CO)
Moran Kliger (IL)
Nandita Mukand (IN)
Nelson Vergara (CO)
Nicole Banowetz (US)
Niklas Fännick (SE)
Oscar Muñoz (CO)
Pekka & Teija Isorättyä (FI)
Raul Cristancho (CO)
Rodrigo Facundo (CO)
Rosario Lopez (CO)
Satoshi Murakami JP)
Serkan Demir (TR)
Songnyeo Lyoo (KR)
Tadashi Kawamata (JP)
Tania Ruiz Guiterrez (CL)
Teppei Kaneuji (JP)
Tetsuhiro & Kiryomi Uozumi (JP)
Timo Konttinen (FI)
Toxicomano Callejero (CO)
Xenia Popaja (BA)
Yukihiro Taguchi (JP)
Yusuke Asai (JP)

Subject to changes.For images from previous exhibitions, please visit: http://openart.se/2015/sv/press/pressbilder/

Lars Jonnson, Chief Curator lars.jonnson@orebro.se
phone: +46 (0)19 21 46 42 or +46 76-551 40 87

Elisabeth Magnusson, Marketing and Public Relations elisabeth.magnusson@orebro.se

phone +46 (0)19 21 10 52 or +46 76 551 19 58

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