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1.7 Billion Images on Price Comparison Site - Picsearch in cooperation with Swedish shopping site

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 29 2006 - Picsearch announced today that it has integrated image search service into a price comparison site for the first time in the world. On the user can now not only compare prices for a certain product but also find many pictures of that very product. Picsearch is one of the three major image search services on the internet and has 1.7 billion images in its index. "Picsearch's image search offers a valuable service to the users of Smarto. With the help of Picsearch's worldwide leading technology a user who searches for a certain product can now also find pictures of that product from various angles," said Fredric Gunnarsson, CEO of Smarto AB. Specialised search engines, like in the fields of shopping or image search, are among the fastest growing search services on the internet. In 2005 alone the number of image searches increased by 91% (Nielsen/NetRatings 2006-03-31). "Providing the image search service for price comparison sites like Smarto increases our possibilities to also integrate image search functionality into other services on the internet such as travel, shopping, news or entertainment sites," said Robert Risberg, CEO of Picsearch. Picsearch's image search service puts special focus on relevance as well as user and family friendliness. Family friendliness means that all material that is offensive or otherwise unsuitable for children is filtered. Picsearch has translated its service into all major languages and has customers all around the world. The English version of the search engine can be found at For more information please contact: Carl Särnstrand, Communications Manager Tel: +46 8 641 2230 About Picsearch Picsearch AB creates the image search solutions that power visual search for many of the Web's leading properties. The company syndicates its technology to search engines and portals to enable them to complete their own search package by acquiring powerful image search capabilities. By enhancing the service that they can offer to their users, Picsearch's syndication partners benefit from increased user-traffic and higher revenue. Since Picsearch's inception in 2000, its syndication partners have come to include top Internet properties MSN Search, Ask Jeeves Inc, Lycos Europe GmbH and Lycos Inc. For more information, visit About Smarto is a new consumer guide in cooperation with TV4 and Expressen. Its aim is to provide consumers with a service that is both easy to use and offers a large number of categories.


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