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Skoda distributes press images using search engines - Picsearch and Newsdesk team up to improve image search

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, September 5, 2007 - Picsearch and Newsdesk will, with joint efforts, make it possible to find press images from Skoda on search engines around the world. Skoda is one of thousands of companies and organizations that use Newsdesk news distribution services to communicate with journalists and people looking for corporate information. Search services for web, news and images are an important part of corporate communication with journalists as well as consumers. Several of these services are provided by Picsearch. Picsearch is the second largest image search provider in the world and has over 1.7 billion searchable images. Every month, several million new images are added to the service. Picsearch has, since its inception, strived for relevancy and family friendliness. High relevancy helps the user find the image they are looking for. Family friendliness allows children to surf in safety as offensive material is filtered out by advanced filtering systems. The cooperation between Picsearch and Newsdesk makes all images on Newsdesk’s services immediately searchable on all image search engines in the world that Picsearch powers. Robert Risberg, Picsearch's CEO said “Newsdesk is one of the leading distributors of press information in Sweden and Picsearch has, for some time, been using their services. We are looking forward a cooperation in which we together improve the accessibility of press photos.” Peter Ingman, Newsdesk’s CEO said “Picsearch’s technical excellence within image search gives our clients the best possible service to communicate with images. Approximately 10 percent of all searches on the Internet are image searches, and we see a large interest among our clients in taking advantage of this opportunity.” About Picsearch Picsearch AB (publ) is a premium provider of image and multimedia search services. The services are market leading in relevancy and family friendliness. Picsearch powers several leading Internet sites as well as its own Internet properties. Picsearch was founded in 2000, is privately held and headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. For more information please visit About Newsdesk Newsdesk’s vision is to organize the whole world’s press information and to make it accessible everywhere. Newsdesk AB was founded in 2003 by Kristofer Björkman, Peter Ingman and David Wennergren, who still are active in the company. The company has showed a steady growth in the Swedish market since its inception. In February 2006 Orkla Media A/S bought part of the company with the goal of expanding the operations outside Sweden. For more information please contact: Carl Sarnstrand, Communications Manager at Picsearch Tel: +46 73 204 14 79 E-mail: Kristofer Björkman, Press contact and founder of Newsdesk Tel: +46 70 775 89 92 E-mail:


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