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Stockholm, 8th of May 2006 Possio broaden it's portfolio by introducing Possio SVEA GSM Connector which enable customers to solve a range of specific problems in their business. SVEA is developed in partnership with Siemens Wireless Modules. Ten years ago Possio invented the GSM Fax machine. The current model, PM70, is used primarily truck drivers, field service staff and executives around the world.

"We look for real customer problems to solve with modern technology. SVEA was designed primarily to offer connectivity to temporary buildings used at construction sites, for events and for rescue purpose. And the initial response from our trial customers is very positive", says Jörgen Hallin, General Manager Possio. "We have also received a lot of attention from mobile operators who want to use SVEA as an enabler for Fixed-Mobile Substitution" continues Hallin.

SVEA GSM Connector is a generic product for connecting devices for fixed telephone networks to a GSM network. It allows customers and operators to use devices like traditional telephones, DECT phones, fax machines and conference phones even if no traditional fixed line network is available. SVEA is used in environments like wireless offices and homes, temporary buildings, rural areas and vehicles to provide services such as telephony, fax, alarm and monitoring.

Possio will start the delivery of SVEA GSM Connector May 12 and estimates retail prices to below 500 Euro excluding VAT and SIM card. For more information please contact Magnus Melander, +46 70 230 72 51 or

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Possio develops and market wireless products globally since 25 years. We have a genuine track record of turning customer problems into easy-to-use communication products for the international markets. Possio is based in Sweden, the home of wireless communication. For more information visit


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