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Big Swedish delegation at Gamescom 2018

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Big Swedish delegation at Gamescom 2018

Sweden Game Arena is exhibiting at Gamescom 2018 and hosts a big delegation of companies, studios, clusters and organizations. On site is also The Game Incubator with five startups.

This year the Sweden Game Arena booth will be home base for games industry representatives from all over Sweden. Joining forces with The Game Incubator, Coffee Stain Publishing, Arctic Game Lab and Game Habitat, as well as several organizations, startups and established studios.

- Last year's Gamescom was a milestone for Swedish startup collaboration and I’m extremely pleased to see that it wasn’t a one time phenomena as the number of participants this year has continued to increase, said Magnus Ling, Project Manager, Sweden Game Arena & The Game Incubator.

Per-Micael Nyberg, Business Developer at The Game Incubator, will attend Gamescom together with five startups: Carry Castle, Flamebait Games, Hiber, Itatake and Pathos Interactive.

- The Game Incubator goes to Gamescom to make new and maintain established business relations across the world. It’s a good opportunity for us to catch up, learn and make deals. We get plenty of studios that want to join our incubation program and we add them to our ever-growing prospect list. Publishers, investors, platform holders, foreign governments and universities also approach us because they are curious about our business and how they can get involved.

He continues.

- The studios that we bring to Gamecom this year are in very different stages of development but they have all showed great promise. We believe they could benefit immensely from attending the event. At Gamescom I expect the current deadlock the Battle Royale-genre have of the industry to continue with several new games of its ilk entering the scene. Related to that is also the increased interest in cross-platform multiplayer functionality among the big studios. Amongst the indies the catalogue will be more varied but I still think the trend of developing stylized run-based rougelites will continue as well as passion- and hobby-propelled visual novels. Eastern investors and devs will still be keen on VR/AR whereas their western counterparts will remain ice cold.

You will find Sweden Game Arena and The Game Incubator in hall 4.1, booth D010/E019 during August 21-23.

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Gothia Science Park är en innovationsmiljö som ligger i anslutning till Högskolan i Skövde. I Gothia Science Park skapas möjligheter för människor och företag att utvecklas och växa, vilket bidrar till såväl affärsmässig framgång som regional attraktivitet och tillväxt. Gothia Science Parks fokusområden är digitalisering och informationsteknologi med spetsområden inom fintech, dataspel och virtul manufacturing. Gothia Science Park finansieras av Skövde kommun, Västra Götalandsregionen, Skaraborgs kommunalförbund, Vinnova och EU. Läs mer på www.gsp.se.

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