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The Game Incubator at Game Developers Conference

The Game Incubator and Sweden Game Arena will be present at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, CA, March 21-23.

Sweden Game Arena will once again exhibit at Game Developers Conference, together with a party consisting of The Game Incubator, Stunlock Studios, Guru Games, Ludosity, Carry Castle, IGDB, Brimstone Games, Babloon Studios, Hiber VR and Devkittens and the University of Skövde. Representatives from the organisation Swedish Games Industry will be present as well, and this year they will also be accompanied by Coffee Stain Publishing.

- We are truly pleased to have Coffe Stain joining us on site at GDC as they are a fantastic example of a studio that started its path to glory at the University of Skövde followed by a few years in The Game Incubator and today has become a successful company with its core production team remaining here in Skövde, says Magnus Ling, spokesperson for Sweden Game Arena.

Per Micael Nyberg, business developer at The Game Incubator, is looking forward to GDC.

- My main goal at GDC and GC is to represent TGI, look for new business opportunities as well as support our startups. Other than that I hope to continue expanding my large network in the Asian region as I believe, and know from experience, that the key to the future lies in deeper collaboration with the east.

Come visit us in South Hall, booth 116 during March 21-23.

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Kort om Gothia Science Park

Gothia Science Park är en innovationsmiljö som ligger i anslutning till Högskolan i Skövde. I Gothia Science Park skapas möjligheter för människor och företag att utvecklas och växa, vilket bidrar till såväl affärsmässig framgång som regional attraktivitet och tillväxt. Gothia Science Parks fokusområden är digitalisering och informationsteknologi med spetsområden inom fintech, dataspel och virtual engineering. Gothia Science Park finansieras av Skövde kommun, Västra Götalandsregionen, Skaraborgs kommunalförbund, Vinnova och EU. Läs mer på

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