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Progress is going world wide.
Progress is going world wide.

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Shake, shout and dance your way through 100+ handcrafted puzzles

On October 6th the whole world can play the award winning puzzle game Progress To 100 as it gets new content and a worldwide launch.

2016-10-03, Copenhagen - Ludosity is happy to announce the upcoming release of the long-awaited update to Progress To 100, adding special puzzles for 3D Touch and other new iOS features. We’re also thrilled about finally releasing worldwide, specifically adding South America and Asia to the audience.

Progress To 100 has received numerous awards for its incredibly simple design and innovative use of just about every conceivable feature of an iPhone. So pour over 100 playful and puzzling clues to solve puzzles and make progress -- each clue requires you to use creative movements, sounds, and touch to find silly, fun and out of the box solutions.

The game features intricate, handcrafted sounds and music that create an additional level of engagement with your device and help guide you through the puzzles. The mind-boggling yet delightful gameplay also lends itself perfectly for any social setting--work together to solve the most difficult clues, or show the game to a group of friends and watch them hilariously struggle through the riddles you’ve already conquered.

Bonus info: There is also a hidden tribute level to the mini-jack plug in the older iPhones.

For extra preview codes write to tim@triband.net

For more i nformation about Progress to 100, please visit

  • Progress website: http://progressto100.com/
  • Ludosity website: http://ludosity.com/
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/progressto100
  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/progressto100/

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Gothia Science Park är en teknik- och forskningspark med IT-profil. Den består av individer, verksamheter, miljöer och processer. I vår innovationsmiljö växer företag snabbare och mer uthålligt vilket bidrar till såväl regional attraktivitet som regional tillväxt. GSP:s fokusområde är IT och är kopplat till Högskolan i Skövde med spets inom dataspel, simulering, beslutsstöd och virtual engineering. GSP drivs och utvecklas av Gothia Innovation AB.

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